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God, I lovelovelove adversarial/betrayal pairings. *cries* LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's a sickness. PLZ SEND HELP. OR PORN. :O

The way I know I really like a pairing-- I start composing a fanmix in my head and trying on every song I have currently playing through the 'what if' filter. *facepalm* It's a little embarrassing when it's Tatu. *groan* Still. Hahahaha 'All The Things She Said'... sort of fits. Er.

...But not as well as Indigo Girls' 'Ghost', to which I actually drew Grindeldore fanart. \o/ Canon, bitches, etc etc and so on and so forth. For the record, the reason I think it's unrequited is because I think JKR only puts people together who 'should' be together for both their own good, or whatever, unless dating for awhile serves some important lesson that needed to be learned (she said as much about Ron/Lavender & Harry/Cho, I believe). This is also why Lily wasn't with Snape (James is clearly 'better' for her and her absence/death was 'better' for Snape's growth). So I figure it's unrequited so as Dumbly didn't get a further stain on his conscience/honor/goodness; however, latest news says the transcript never specified it was unrequited. So. Heh. Onto the Ron/Lavender-- I mean Dumbledore/Grindelwald. :> :>

Anyway, I doodled. Because I am just that lame, yeah. *sigh* But I really like this pairing, dammit, and I haven't doodled in awhile.

fanart??! Grindeldore fanart, haha. )

And actually, I think this one came out better (maybe?), but it's not Dumbledore, so not as cool. :( It has a gun on it, though. I like the gun. Yish.

Funny there are no guns in the HPverse, though there's familiarity with cars & motorbikes, etc. I know there's always Avada Kedavra, but there's always Apparating, too, and so on.

Sort of in the same style, except... not fanart. Unless it's AU!Snape, which. HAHAHAH IT COULD BE AHAHAHAHAHA. Though yeah, Sirius is probably more likely. -.- )
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I HAVE NO WORDS NO WORDS AND ONLY SOUN-- GRUNTS lfjakslfkjafl;kajsf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! FIRST SNAPE/LILY & NOW THIS Ljkfsalkjfaslkjfaslkfjassalkjslkjf OH MY GOD LAFKjslsjakljasklsaa
*cue hysterical laughter* jfasljf DYING!!!!! OH MY... fuck... wow. wow.




...and some more... and these Grindeldore doodles by [ profile] mon_starling. . . . here's some by [ profile] caladan_dd. . . .

. . .

I can't even.

Nngh!! *makes mute gestures*

*falls over*
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Ahhh I wrote another angst!ficlet. Y'know, my usual, I really can't help it sometimes.

Oh man, oh man. What do I even say. *facepalm* Oh right, H/D. A little porny.

And Longing, Longing, Longing-- (In between breaths, in another world, he watched him.) )
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Anyway, anyone wanna beta an H/D fic? Pretty please?

It's not very long. Almost done. No porn, no violence, too much overly-long dialogue and narration. Oh yeah, post-DH canon. \o/ *weep* It seems like writing canon-compliant fic is burned into my veins or somethin', 'cause damn if it's not epilogue compliant too. Thass right, I'm a badass. :>

Make it hurt, pls. ♥
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How lame is this??? Pretty damn lame. But OMG HOT HOTHOTHOHTHOthlkjasfjafaslf I am only a yaoi fangirl, I can't take this sort of stress. :(

Yeah, I found Naruto/Sasuke cosplay vids on youtube o_0 o_o;; Starting with this one & then there's this and finally omg the REALLY hot one >____<;;; Also, see, Sasuke is a huge dork. And a bottom. *__* And okay, all they do is kiss... topless.....,slkafjlaskjf

ACTUAL BOYSljakfsljfaslfkajsflaskjfaslkjfafahjk *cries in shame, except NOT REALLY*
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I don't know if it's vaguely disturbing or just inevitable that I'm reading urban fantasy type stuff and finding the same romantic lead type characters as I do in most yaoi or shoujo. What I mean is, that is, yaoi/shoujo is pretty stylized and obvious in its male wish-fulfillment fantasies, and you'd think maybe these writers were trying to be more realistic... or something. What am I thinking. I guess it's just, I don't see this type of guy in movies anymore (romances, anyway)-- though that's interesting too, isn't it? The fact that in most current movies, the guy is such a shmuck. If he's not especially 'sensitive', then he's your 'average Joe' type, or something. Hot in the sense that he tends to be good-looking and responsible enough yet wild enough to be widely accepted, but... even the 'bad boys' in American media aren't like this.

The weird part is that this sort of love interest isn't exactly insensitive... it's more like his emotions tend to be simple/pure and intense, but hidden under a layer of machoness. That's it, really. I didn't think to find Japanese-style macho in Western romance plots, but it occurs to me it's just been too long since I read the right sort of books-- or fanfic, I guess.

What I'm talking about is this guy; let's call him Bob, The Alpha Male Asshole:

Ahem. )
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Ahh, some days randomly reading the newest interesting-looking books at B&N pays off BIG TIME. Thank you, many-eyed and deviant B&N gods, for introducing me to Richard Kadrey, and allowing me the pleasure of reading his latest book, 'Butcher Bird'.

I don't even know where to start talking about how cool this book is. It's pretty much got all my favorite things in it, from top to bottom:

- widely-flung mythological underpinnings mixed with modern counterculture trappings
- a cynical (yet sekritly romantic) loser protagonist, literally a Fool
- Lucifer being dry and brilliant and self-aware and prideful and enraged, super-badass but also kinda pitiful, too (cooler that way!)
- a badass gun-totin' lesbian
- a pretty ninja princess
- a goodly number of surprises right up till the end
- an open ending
- action sequences to keep things jumpin'
- a unique interpretation of Hell and Christian mythology in general
- amazingly huge ideas that never overshadow the focus on characters and the protagonist in particular
- people with awesome powers worked out and thought through
- unique mixtures of high magic & technology
- punkish/anarchist ideals and attitudes softened by maturity of vision
- really awesome stage settings, from the completely surreal to the super-hardcore urban (yeay San Fran!!)
- a tattoo artist as the main character. DUDE.
- ALL THAT AND A BUCKET OF PICKLES!! not to mention all the awesome sarcastic one-liners and movie references and emotional depth and general insightfulness and DUDE. Dude. This guy can write, too.
- oh yeah, stylistically awesome without being overpowering or too stylized to lose the edge of believable dialogue & descriptive power.

What can I say?? He's my new hero. *____*
    etcetc and other recs.... :D )
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Thinking about [ profile] anitaray's post about the ridiculous holes in the plot of DH and another comment in reaction to it saying it comes as no surprise to 'regular readers' 'cause plot isn't JKR's strong-point, I got to thinking about just how true it is that we all evaluate and form responses to books on quite different axes, generally without spelling out or even realizing what those are.

lalalalalala... um. Anyway, this post is stupid, so ignore!! Scroooll on by. -.- )
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Half the time I feel like ranting because I hate everyone-- no surprise if you've read this lj for any length of time. But then I remember I'm not really in fandom. I still have my con report to write up and want to go to more, and I still love HP, but it's not... online HP fandom and online fandom in general just makes me want to rant 80% of the time in practice and only squee 20% of the time. Either I feel like everyone's too critical or everyone's too blindly adoring of things that aren't that great-- there's rarely any happy middle. I try to remember the last time I enjoyed a fanfic of any kind and honestly can't remember at all. Doujinshi seem better to me these days, and doujin are mostly stupid, especially the Heero/Duo ones.

Anyway, I've been reading lots and lots of yaoi and lots and lots of fantasy books (Diana Wynne Jones-- yaye magic! Simon R Green and his crazy ideas! Kat Richardson and her Seattle-based urban fantasies! hee!) I should just review them and go 'lalala YOU DON'T EXIST lalala' to everything else. Yes. That will be my philosophy from now on. \o/ If I rant about anything to do with fandom ever again, or even participate in a debate, just slap me, and good riddance to bad rubbish. :D

- Hero Heel by Makoto Tateno -
    I really like everything by this mangaka, from awesome, tight one-shots like 'Warui Yume' (downloadable here to give you a taste) to the licensed stuff out right now like 'Hero Heel' (which you could order from here, though you may or may not find it in [ profile] yshare if you really want to read the complete 3 volumes ;)... heh).
    Review 1. )

- Secret Diplomacy of a Minister Excellency - Youka Nitta -
    It seems rather embarrassing to be going on about Youka Nitta's work 'cause 'Haru wo Daiteita' is so... it's like Viewfinder in that it's embarrassing and sort of feels sad to admit I like it, but... they're popular for a reason. Though both with 'Viewfinder' and 'Haru wo', the mangakas' most popular works are my least favorite of theirs and seem the most shallow/stupid to me. Maybe I'm just bitter, but then I read another fangirl squeeing about how she wants to have Asami's babies and I remember how I'm right after all. :D

You can download the first chapter (first released as a one-shot) here for a taste, and the rest can be found here after joining [ profile] db_scanlations. One volume is currently complete.
    Review 2. )

- Konbini - Keiko Konno
    Keiko Konno is one of my all-time favorite mangakas; she has a super-light touch, has adorable boyish characters, and never writes over-the-top angst while remaining touching and emotionally intense. Basically it's worth reading everything she's ever done, but Konbini fits my theme :P

At the moment, only three chapters are out scanlated by Memory for You (here), but the story's episodic by chapter, so you they all kind of stand alone. Plus it's adorable. And it's my review, so I can do whatever I want. So there.
    Review 3. )
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You know, I say I'm a canon!whore, but it's not true. I mean, more half the time I don't have the patience to read/watch everything in a given canon, especially if it's a sizeable length. The only canons I love enough to read/watch everything tend to be the sort I don't want extra fannish material on anyway, plus my memory isn't best suited for remembering details of plot anyway. So I'd make a sucky canon!whore who would get things wrong all the time, factually speaking. Haha, it's just that it's occurred to me that I prefer my fannish reading to be stuff written/drawn/made by people who do care and who do remember, to whom it matters, simply because I find that when you say 'to hell with canon', you produce crap. There's just no way around it. I don't even need to know canon to tell it's crap, because I can smell wish-fulfillment from 3 miles away blindfolded. :/ So when people support views that are self-admittedly & explicitly counter to canon, it's like they're saying, 'I don't care about quality, only self-gratification', which makes me :/ (even though, I mean... knock yourself out, whatever it takes, sure).

...why am I so navel-gazey. why. WHY. D: )
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I've actually just read like, 4 volumes of my first shounen series. Hahahah I never thought it was possible, but here I am!! A historic moment indeed. (Or not). It's just. Well. Generally I get bored after the first few chapters-- or maybe it's just that there's rarely a plot that hits my kinks, I dunno. I like ecchi shounen comedies in small doses (seeing as I'm a perv), but not enough to deal with continuous teasing and stupid panty-flashing fanservice over & over.

I like 'deeper' and darker themes, but overall label them 'serious reading for later' and put the mangas on the back burner; basically if it's not fun & addictive, I won't read it, but if it's too cracky, I won't be drawn in long-term. (...unless there's smut... but that's yaoi.)

Action sequences are fun as long as they're not sports and drawn in a way that makes sense visually without being totally over-the-top. Sci-fi is awesome as long as it's even a little different (in a catchy way).

And series advertised as 'slashy' bug me because I hate being teased. :O I want actual yaoi or... not. This is the same as the reason why I never have the patience for ecchi shounen, either. If I'm reading for plot and characterization, that's it-- I don't wanna be distracted by 'will they or won't they' and wishing the series was something it's not. Blah, I dunno, I just haven't found the right series to ping my interest.


'Alive' is basically your average sci-fi thriller shounen action series, the sort that's so common in the mecha animes I've watched, and I guess it makes me a little nostalgic. There's the stupid hot-headed boy with unknown yet special powers on his heroic yet hopeless quest to rescue his friends, all the people with cool powers popping up suddenly, and of course a big sci-fi mystery that's causing death and mayhem and destruction. Oh, and the whole thing starts with tons of people randomly committing suicide.

Sounds simple, yet the characters are lively enough to be vivid and there's quite a few cute and touching bits to make all the gore/death go down better, plus the action doesn't let up enough to make you really think too hard. And hey, I do like actiony sci-fi in anime & movies, so theoretically I'm just being stubborn not reading the manga. :> It's nice to shake up the continuous yaoi IV drip I've got going. Makes me appreciate the sexin' more, too. :P

Oh, and WAHAHAH I've decided to start a scanlation group (of sorts) to do a specific shoujo series to my exacting standards. And also 'cause no one else is likely to do it. -.- :D :D Woo-hoo!! :D

Um. I was also talking to a real-life friend (who's familiar with online fandom) about my lj and the separation between real life & online.

...blah? )
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You know, before I spent too long in fandom, I had squicks. Now I just have preferences and a whole lot of pet-peeves, where it's just that you'd have to work harder to please me if I've a peeve about it. Like, y'know, I remember in the good old days, where Kirk/Spock sex pretty much squicked me, even if I liked the idea of the pairing a lot; I couldn't get over my adolescent vision of them. I remember when Ron/Draco and Snape/Draco and even Harry/Hermione seemed Deeply Wrong... and now I just don't prefer them. I remember when H/D was the alpha and omega of my fannish universe and I had all these ideas about how it 'should' and 'shouldn't' be done (and okay, I still have those), but I've become quite lax about thumping my chest and hyperventilating, alas.

Anyway, I meant to talk about a specific comment in this Wincest squick post, but it also made me think a bit, 'cause yeah, the sheer prevalence of that reading of a show's canon bothers me a bit-- though that's my 'canon, bitches!' thing, not any anti-incest squick, exactly; actually, I don't think I've ever had a 'traditional' squick in the sense that it's based on my real-life beliefs (I mean, I tend to like characters in fiction I'd probably clobber in real life, for a start). Like, if it's well-written, anything challenging or transgressive can only make the story more interesting, as far as I'm concerned; for examples, look to the many instances of incest in classic literature and also some of the best genre lit of today (okay, mainly Song of Ice and Fire). I cannot imagine seriously reading something good and then stopping and going, 'but this is WRONG, HOW COULD THIS BE??! NOOOoooo'. If I really felt like that, I mean, I wouldn't have graduated from books for toddlers, because isn't there always something unpleasant and 'wrong' and unfair even in (good and/or classic) children's books?

    (Btw, this is where some of my friends woujd just say I'm not a critical enough reader, so I clearly suck. Hehe. Because yeah, while I was careful to say 'well-written' and 'good' stories, the truth is I also suspend a lot of judgment/personal issues/disbelief when reading stuff I just... like a lot for whatever reason. I wouldn't call it a 'kink'; like, I don't have a 'kink' for HP canon, y'know? Most of the time the only reason I'm critical is when I either really love something or really hate it, usually because of aesthetic/story-construction reasons. This mostly applies to stuff that's really bad. How do I explain it. It applies to purple-prosey fantasy books with ass-stupid names & the majority of post-OoTP fanfic I read, hahaha; it very rarely applies to content, in other words, and only to execution-- the big exception being OOCness in fic and stuff I find relentlessly bleak. Because I'm a huge romantic dork. But I try to keep that under control. :P So yeah, it's a personality issue, basically, and one I can't really do anything about, so nyah.)

lalala... )
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sahfjkashkjshakhas OMG! *___* Wow. *___* THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO REMEMBER ME (FOR MY H/R/Hr!!1) ALONGSIDE SILVIA KUNDERA!! aklfjslakjfaskjf AND Schuyler (whoever that is). I AM PART OF SOMEONE'S INTELLI!PHASE D: D:


...I know that was really lame, but I couldn't help myself, okay. :P

In other news, my DeviantArt favorites & lj memories have become a Snilly refuge. o_0 And yes, I say Snilly instead of Snevans just to be lame and perverse & to hurt your feelings :> Oh man, I love every halfway well-done Snape/Lily fanart I see, and it helps that I see more of those than say, H/D these days. Oh man oh man oh maaaaan. *___* And everything by [ profile] pojypojy *___*

Also: hahahah Lucius + Snape + Draco vid to Shoop (oh man the Draco/Ginny at the end slays me!) and one to Ridin' Dirty, though I also found one to that song with just Draco. *___*

And, a Draco vid to 'Ice Ice Baby' *___* *swooooon* I blame f for initially making me associate Draco with Eminem =; =; OH MY GOD I NEED A RAP DRACO/RON VID <33333333. Too hilarious. *___*

Ice, ice, baby. (y)

...Okay so basically I like any half-decent Draco vid -.- Omg and wanna guess how much I descend into old-style fangirly joy at an angsty cheesy H/D vid set to Alice Cooper's 'Poison'??? OH MAN OH MAN *___* There are like, a trillion H/D vids set to that song, apparently. *facepalm* I think I like this version more, but who can tell? They're all so cheesy. >___>
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Sometimes I feel weird about all the appropriating I do with like... characters and stuff, slashing them, and trying to tie that feeling to relating to gay men in real life unconsciously before I screech to a halt and just feel weird and a bit alienated and confused. I dunno. Does anyone get what I mean?

There's this intense intimacy and level of empathy & understanding I have with gay characters in slash & yaoi... a level of comfort and ease that is hard to reconcile with the total reinforcement of queer as Other (even now) in the media and just my real-life lack of experience or participation in that culture as such. There's a weirdness even in positive portrayals sometimes (emotionally, for me) like the gay ghosts in Phaedra Weldon's urban fantasy, 'Wraith'. Of all things, the weirdness comes from the lack of romanticization-- I mean, it's actually a good portrayal, but they're nothing to squee about; they're just (quirky) side characters. Ordinary people, obviously, but in a much less intense/personal way than fanfic/yaoi makes them; they're part of a particular social group with its specific identifiers in Atlanta (where the story takes place), say, but I have no particular interest in them. What the hell am I saying.

...blah. )

In other news, I really love Wil Wheaton's blog. :>

And, um, if anyone cares, I really am working on my write-up of my notes from the Prophecy con (♥!!!) & finishing up my fics and such before the month is over ><;;;
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Awwww, Stephen King made me cry. ;___;

    One day in my hometown of Bangor, I was walking up the street and observed a dirty-faced boy of about 3 with scabbed knees and a look of extreme concentration on his face. He was sitting on the dirt strip between the sidewalk and the asphalt. He had a stick in his hand and kept jabbing it into the dirt. ''Get down there!'' he cried. ''Get down there, dammit! You can't come out until I say the Special Word! You can't come out until I say so!''

Several people passed by the kid without paying much attention (if any). I slowed, however, and watched as long as I could — probably because I have spent so much time telling the things inhabiting my own imagination to get back down and not come out until I say so. I was charmed by the kid's effortless make-believe (always assuming it was make-believe, heh-heh-heh). And a couple of things occurred to me. One was that if he had been an adult, the cops would have taken him away either to the drunk tank or to our local Dreamboat Manor for a psychiatric exam. Another was that kids exhibiting paranoid-schizophrenic tendencies are simply accepted in most societies. We all understand that kids are crazy until they hit 8 or so, and we cut their groovy, anything-goes minds some slack.

This happened around 1982, while I was getting ready to write a long story about children and monsters (It), and it influenced my thinking on that novel a great deal. Even now, years later, I think of that kid — a little Minister of Magic using a dead twig for a wand — with affection, and hope he didn't consider himself too old for Harry Potter when those books started appearing.

I love you, kid with the twiggy wand. I love you, Harry James Potter (love, love, LOVE you). I love you, Stephen King. I love you and thank you, JK Rowling. I really do love you all a lot, all the semi-schizoid twiggy-stick kids who grew up to read lots of fantasy books and join fandom.

And I would also like to say that I could think of little that would ever make me prouder of myself than writing a story children would love and adults might remember fondly. More than anything, more than anything, if I could make someone feel the way I felt while reading at age 9 or 10-- that would make it all worth it many times over.

And while the 'real' adult readers may be stuck with their literary mouthfuls out in the 'real world', here in fandom, I think we've retained much of the pure joy of reading we'd felt at that early, impressionable age. We play with fanfic, with stories, with characters, with a lot of the unself-conscious glee of children (quite precocious, sexually worldly children, of course), and I think that's beautiful. Good night. ♥.
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I've been thinking about characterization consistency-- what I believe is the most serious problem I have with JKR's books, and from which several other issues flow (like The Slytherin Problem, definitely). There have been several posts on this, and this is just the most recent, focusing on Snape. Snape, who-- ironically-- has been one of the most consistent characters all along, as far as I'm concerned.

And of course I now have to ramble about everything but Snape. Spoilers, obvs. )
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If there's one thing that makes me happy, it's fanart, even of ships/canon moments I really hated or didn't like that much. So in that spirit-- my first batch. XD! I didn't bother with the artists' names 'cause the links are to their journals anyway, so it's organized by scene/general timeline as I recall it :P

And if anyone has links to good DH canon illustration-style fanart stuff that's not on there, gimme links! :D

...basically, a whole bunch spoilery DH artses + some cute epilogue ones to make myself feel better :P )

Also: OoTP!half-nekkid!Sirius. :D
& a gratuitous clubbing!S/R and beach!S/R (+ some Cedric/Cho below!). ♥

Unsurprisingly, someone got there before me & already made a running masterlist of DH illustrations with exactness to the page/scene. Oh wellz, I'm lazy anyway :P
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I have been... um, a little frustrated by the meta environment post-DH, shall we say. My only outlet has been Amalin, so it's to her this post is addressed, even though actually she hasn't frustrated me at all and this is addressing various others' points about people's ideas of the Draco characterization in the book.

But in fact I'd prefer if those people just didn't bother with me. I'm a boring sap and a crazy fangirl, y'know :> I'm not trying to be coy or passive-aggressive or anything, I just honestly have no will to debate anyone, so. :) Maybe it's disingenuous to post this? But it's just my little corner of the webz, no? I dunno. If you really wanna argue canon with me of all people, go ahead :D

Just some things I feel like maybe some people haven't seen the way I have about Draco in DH. Or not. )
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Here we go, last part! AT LAST!!

I think I'm only doing this out of sheer bull-headed stubbornness now, but oh wellz. Some of it is pretty embarrassing doting and wibbling and squeeing-- okay, all of it. So like, there's no reason to read it for anyone but me. Disclaimer-disclaimer. :P Yes, I am in fact a dork & a basketcase. *facepalm* BUT I STARTED SO NOW I HAVE TO FINISH. Or, at least, I have, because I'm OCD like that ><;

Reena's DH notes, chapters 33-end. FINALLY :O )
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This is the third installment of my actual notes out of four (fourth forthcoming in a bit, since it's really the second half of this post), but I'll have a wrap-up post where I actually try to be critical and address some of the issues I've seen/heard raised about the book, though I've added a lot longer asides here as well.

Initially, I wanted to add all those asides to the other (wrap-up) post, but I can't be bothered; my first meta went here so things ballooned and now I'll have to make another post or this one'll be too bloody long to be borne. :> So consider these my first semi-coherent thoughts on the big subjects :>

Reena's DH notes, chapters 29-33 )
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