Sep. 3rd, 2007

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I've actually just read like, 4 volumes of my first shounen series. Hahahah I never thought it was possible, but here I am!! A historic moment indeed. (Or not). It's just. Well. Generally I get bored after the first few chapters-- or maybe it's just that there's rarely a plot that hits my kinks, I dunno. I like ecchi shounen comedies in small doses (seeing as I'm a perv), but not enough to deal with continuous teasing and stupid panty-flashing fanservice over & over.

I like 'deeper' and darker themes, but overall label them 'serious reading for later' and put the mangas on the back burner; basically if it's not fun & addictive, I won't read it, but if it's too cracky, I won't be drawn in long-term. (...unless there's smut... but that's yaoi.)

Action sequences are fun as long as they're not sports and drawn in a way that makes sense visually without being totally over-the-top. Sci-fi is awesome as long as it's even a little different (in a catchy way).

And series advertised as 'slashy' bug me because I hate being teased. :O I want actual yaoi or... not. This is the same as the reason why I never have the patience for ecchi shounen, either. If I'm reading for plot and characterization, that's it-- I don't wanna be distracted by 'will they or won't they' and wishing the series was something it's not. Blah, I dunno, I just haven't found the right series to ping my interest.


'Alive' is basically your average sci-fi thriller shounen action series, the sort that's so common in the mecha animes I've watched, and I guess it makes me a little nostalgic. There's the stupid hot-headed boy with unknown yet special powers on his heroic yet hopeless quest to rescue his friends, all the people with cool powers popping up suddenly, and of course a big sci-fi mystery that's causing death and mayhem and destruction. Oh, and the whole thing starts with tons of people randomly committing suicide.

Sounds simple, yet the characters are lively enough to be vivid and there's quite a few cute and touching bits to make all the gore/death go down better, plus the action doesn't let up enough to make you really think too hard. And hey, I do like actiony sci-fi in anime & movies, so theoretically I'm just being stubborn not reading the manga. :> It's nice to shake up the continuous yaoi IV drip I've got going. Makes me appreciate the sexin' more, too. :P

Oh, and WAHAHAH I've decided to start a scanlation group (of sorts) to do a specific shoujo series to my exacting standards. And also 'cause no one else is likely to do it. -.- :D :D Woo-hoo!! :D

Um. I was also talking to a real-life friend (who's familiar with online fandom) about my lj and the separation between real life & online.

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