Jul. 27th, 2007

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This is the third installment of my actual notes out of four (fourth forthcoming in a bit, since it's really the second half of this post), but I'll have a wrap-up post where I actually try to be critical and address some of the issues I've seen/heard raised about the book, though I've added a lot longer asides here as well.

Initially, I wanted to add all those asides to the other (wrap-up) post, but I can't be bothered; my first meta went here so things ballooned and now I'll have to make another post or this one'll be too bloody long to be borne. :> So consider these my first semi-coherent thoughts on the big subjects :>

Reena's DH notes, chapters 29-33 )
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Here we go, last part! AT LAST!!

I think I'm only doing this out of sheer bull-headed stubbornness now, but oh wellz. Some of it is pretty embarrassing doting and wibbling and squeeing-- okay, all of it. So like, there's no reason to read it for anyone but me. Disclaimer-disclaimer. :P Yes, I am in fact a dork & a basketcase. *facepalm* BUT I STARTED SO NOW I HAVE TO FINISH. Or, at least, I have, because I'm OCD like that ><;

Reena's DH notes, chapters 33-end. FINALLY :O )


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