Oct. 20th, 2007

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God, I lovelovelove adversarial/betrayal pairings. *cries* LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's a sickness. PLZ SEND HELP. OR PORN. :O

The way I know I really like a pairing-- I start composing a fanmix in my head and trying on every song I have currently playing through the 'what if' filter. *facepalm* It's a little embarrassing when it's Tatu. *groan* Still. Hahahaha 'All The Things She Said'... sort of fits. Er.

...But not as well as Indigo Girls' 'Ghost', to which I actually drew Grindeldore fanart. \o/ Canon, bitches, etc etc and so on and so forth. For the record, the reason I think it's unrequited is because I think JKR only puts people together who 'should' be together for both their own good, or whatever, unless dating for awhile serves some important lesson that needed to be learned (she said as much about Ron/Lavender & Harry/Cho, I believe). This is also why Lily wasn't with Snape (James is clearly 'better' for her and her absence/death was 'better' for Snape's growth). So I figure it's unrequited so as Dumbly didn't get a further stain on his conscience/honor/goodness; however, latest news says the transcript never specified it was unrequited. So. Heh. Onto the Ron/Lavender-- I mean Dumbledore/Grindelwald. :> :>

Anyway, I doodled. Because I am just that lame, yeah. *sigh* But I really like this pairing, dammit, and I haven't doodled in awhile.

fanart??! Grindeldore fanart, haha. )

And actually, I think this one came out better (maybe?), but it's not Dumbledore, so not as cool. :( It has a gun on it, though. I like the gun. Yish.

Funny there are no guns in the HPverse, though there's familiarity with cars & motorbikes, etc. I know there's always Avada Kedavra, but there's always Apparating, too, and so on.

Sort of in the same style, except... not fanart. Unless it's AU!Snape, which. HAHAHAH IT COULD BE AHAHAHAHAHA. Though yeah, Sirius is probably more likely. -.- )


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