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If there's one thing that makes me happy, it's fanart, even of ships/canon moments I really hated or didn't like that much. So in that spirit-- my first batch. XD! I didn't bother with the artists' names 'cause the links are to their journals anyway, so it's organized by scene/general timeline as I recall it :P

And if anyone has links to good DH canon illustration-style fanart stuff that's not on there, gimme links! :D

- Snape & Yaxley & THE PEACOCK OMG :O
- poor Lucius (and his peacock), heh.
- Luna & Xeno at the wedding (scroll) & more wedding!Luna :>
- H/G being cute (scroll for wedding!H/G + some R/Hr).
- Ron & Hermione sleeping next to each other.

- Harry & Hermione after Ron left :((
- Ron's rescue + THE HUG!!1 :O
- and Harry with Ron crying. Wah.
- Nasubionna's idea of locket!H/Hr and here's Makani's. o_0
- When Harry first sees the Snitch & some adorable Dumbly/Gellert
- Oh man, Dumbly & Gellert's pic!!1 D:
- The thief himself *__*

- Here lies Dobby, a free elf
- various & scroll down for Death Stick!Voldy :>

- Luna with her diadem, hehe
- flying!batty!Snape omg!! hehe
- R/Hr - Hermione jumps Ron, and another version, + Harry's "Is this the moment?" Though my hands-down favorite is Seviet's comic. *____*

- and Harry on the broom getting Draco.
- Malfoy being punched out! D: \o/

- Snape's demise. Wah. It's AMAZING.
- "Look... at... me...."

- wee!Snape, oh man :S Then there's adorable wee!creepy!but-happy!Snape & Lily ♥___♥
- and there's the greenish gloom
- Hogwarts-era!Snape & Lily argument
    (this pre-DH mischievous!Lily one made me tear up, and this artist's S/L is phenomenal and believable overall, but snippets like poolside!S/L are just adorable & Restricted Section!S/L or Slughorn's Potions!Snape + Lily are also love. Also here, some fanon kissing, but still pretty & Snape still ugly).
- "Always."

- Harry walking through the Forest at the very end & wee!Snape (if you scroll). :S
- Harry walking through the Forbidden Forest with the others and another version :(((
- Harry + the Snitch at the close & another version :((

- hehehe Trelawney chucks balls. <3.
- awww, the Malfoys. :/
- ahh, the Weasleys & Molly :S

- Epilogue!Harry :(( <3. HOW CAN YOU RESIST IT :(
- Professor Longbottom, awww *__*

Inevitably-- quite inevitably-- there's already future!AS/S and a super silly one here. *facepalm*

...and then there's the naughty Patronus :>

Also: OoTP!half-nekkid!Sirius. :D
& a gratuitous clubbing!S/R and beach!S/R (+ some Cedric/Cho below!). ♥

Unsurprisingly, someone got there before me & already made a running masterlist of DH illustrations with exactness to the page/scene. Oh wellz, I'm lazy anyway :P

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6 Ways of Unpinning a Butterfly (! REEEEAD IIIIIT!! It's so good! So good! SO GOOD!

The Cho in Sodomite didn't stick with me, but I remember her and her slutty ways :)) I think she'd have been better served by being Ginny :))lfkasjlkjaslkdjkglkj But I think Ginny's the jealous type :))


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