Mar. 1st, 2007

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Man... I feel like I shouldn't say this 'cause I hate hyperbole, but I feel like this slash!meta-fandom vid by [ profile] lim is the best vid in the history of like, fandom. By the end I feel like crying every time I watch it again. It's just so powerful and intense! And the song is so perfect & addictive! And... *gibbers*
   Basically, I agree with [ profile] cesperanza, who said it was awe-inspiring, and I wouldn't say that lightly! It really sort of wraps up slash-fannishness in an aura of... joy & wonder, just like, I dunno, Christmas and puppies, okay. And even though I don't have multiple fandoms, per se (though I read in different ones), it also encapsulates why I personally feel like a slash fan, and not just an HP fan or a member of X fandom. I feel like I have the attitude (the heart??) of a slash fan no matter what. I just-- I just have always thought that slash was SO AWESOME, so transformative, so... an approach to texts and media that I'm so very fucking passionate about.

And it's not (necessarily) about how 'realistic' it is, how relevant to real social/personal issues or gay rights or proper literature or ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SLASH-- it is about slashing in itself, the act of it, which on the personal level, can definitely be revolutionary and deep and meaningful, an avalanche that turns-- that becomes-- fandom. That turns into this entity of us.

Especially coming along now, because I often see-- or have!-- arguments about things like how it's not hypocritical for slashers to be homophobic(!) and how people just write bodyfic for pure fantasy-fulfillment and sometimes it feels like a lot of people are here but they don't care. They don't really care about the characters, the dynamic, the theory behind all the pretty (which is ridiculous! not care? we're fans!) Just the sort of immense, crazed geekiness that gets lost in the bustle of umm, porn (which is great! but eventually empty). And then people say fandom IS porn with varying seriousness and I laugh along except when I start to take it seriously and then it's like. WAH. And I feel like there's nothing keeping me here at all, and it's just empty-- pointless.

And then. THEN. There is this vid! WHICH IS GENIUS. And which is like, bursting with love and meta and everything that is so painfully awesome about fandom. About fannishness. And about US!! (And, y'know, it's called 'Us'! So! It makes sense!!) :D :D :D

It just makes me feel like slashing-- being fannish-- being involved in this great big avalanche of meta and fic and discussion and boylove and writing-- man, that's the greatest thing ever. ♥♥♥ It makes me feel like WE ARE SO COOL, the geeky slashy dreamy pervy girls. :(( And a lot of times in fandom, that just gets lost, and I miss it. The love. I missed it <333333333333333333333. This really makes me wish I'm still slashing, still writing fic for something when I'm 30 and when I'm 40, makes me wish this way of seeing and interacting with media never leaves me, and I think it never will, now. It never really will. ♥.


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