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I loved the book very much, but mostly because I love Harry very much and that colors my every reaction, which is heavily influenced by his. If you didn't like it, we probably should wait until we're both a bit more emotionally distanced to talk critically, though feel free to read; I feel very emotionally vulnerable and volatile as the books' and my fandom story comes to an end. I'm still posting this for Amalin & Ste, and because I wrote so many notes I feel like it's a paper's worth :>

I'm gonna post my notes as soon as I finish typing up the next part, so be ready for spam. ;P

- Chapter 3 [paused]
* had to stock up on Harry plushie + pencil/paper after all :D

Anyway: hee! Harry's sarcasm with "What a surprise" is so adorable on him. No one ever quite captures Harry's flavor of it just right in fic. He's just so... unmistakably Harry with it. Harry observes people and laughs at them gently, really. I never feel he's that mean, yet he's not purposefully nice, either... more like genuinely mischievous. Also: hahah, Vernon's "purple" face.

Also: yeay, seeing Malfoy Manor for the first time! Interesting mystery re: captured person + I liked the hanged (wo)man.

The trunk of junk is so poignant + cute!! Sirius's mirror. <3<3<3 Harry is still angsting and not forgetting like it seemed in HBP <3<3<3 Dumbledore reaching out a hand to dragon-pox boys and Harry's outrage made me cry <3.

Awkwardly-blushy!Dudley and weirdly-embarrassed!Harry is sooo adorable, heeheehee <3.

That said, Harry doesn't seem too open to Dudley's simple-minded affections :( Oh Harry. You really hold a grudge but you do try to keep up anyway. So cute. <3<3

Harry looking around 4 Privet Drive for the last time makes me want to cry. But I won't. D: *sigh* Nostalgia in the book and in the fandom makes for weird feelings of convergence.


Hedwig :( Amalin :( Hedwig was angry with Harry before she died :( And no one put her on the spoiler list. And he was talking to her and she hid her head under her wing. :( Because she couldn't fly. :( And she died in a cage. :(

Accio Hagrid. :(

Aww, Harry's "signature move"! I'd forgotten about that!

..was Hermione always so huggy? hee. It's like, her major way of expressing emotion, it seems.

"Always the tone of surprise" <333333333333333 *ded*

Oh R/Hr. If H/G was like that... *sigh*

Angry!Remus is sooooo cute. <3333 "muscle jumping in his jaw" hehehe aww :D I almost don't want Tonks to die. D: Poor Remus D: Hee! Angry! You go, Remus.

"You think I'm a fool?"
"No, I think you're like James," said Lupin.

<333333 oh Harry. Oh Lupin. <3.

Deathly-morbid!Harry is cute. And Hermione is becoming more emotional and/or girlish by the second. Sorta :>

Oh Ron. Showing off his brainy girlfriend shamelessly. <3.
'I'm smart! And good at spells! And other things! Lots of... other things!'

"I forgot we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library." <3<3<3 Ron wins at life <3.

"Shut up," Ron advised him.

...Hermione will just have to marry "Hogwarts: A History" :>

Omg Hermione made her parents forget they're her parents and MOVE TO AUSTRALIA :(( Hermione :((

I can't believe Hermione Accio'd the books! Right after Dumbly's death, no less! She's seriously so awesome it hurts. Wow.

He just gets more adorable every day <3<3.

He puts his arms around Hermione because of the book!!! *dead* BEST. EVER. And the "reproachful look" = ALSO THE BOOK :))!!

Why JKR? Why a new bad metaphor with every H/G scene? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? *cries* The sad part is, I can tell what she means, but what she says is just so... corny it burns ussss preciousssss.

Oh Poor Harry. So traumatized by weepy!Cho. But at least Ginny's little joke approaches charming. Thanks, JKR. ^^;;

Re: Lupin looking unhappy (besides him always being tired & haggard, how much furthere is it to 'unhappy', anyway?) But anyway: hahah if Tonks is the betrayer I'm going to laugh my ass off. Also, parallels Lupin's suspicions of Sirius, in that he may suspect her even if she's not. Hmm.

Of course, he may just be unhappy with his over-enthusiastic wife, being too old, too tired, too GAY, heehee. 'Not tonight honey, I've got a headache!'-- how many times d'you think Remus said that by now? :D

"Only a true Gryffindor..."
Oh Harry :(( Harry and his sword. Now all he needs is a stone and he'll be king of Merry Ol' England. <3. And it's so sweet how Arthurian the idea of leaving a sword is <3.

"It's time you earned it." <333 *starry-eyed sigh* Oh Harry, if only you were real. *___*

See, see, this is why I love JKR. "Babbitty Rabbitty" <3<3. I bet Draco liked that one too :D <3.

See, like, I think Luna is smarter than all of them. :P

Heehee, was Ron's hair always longish, or is he taking after Rupert? :>

"ALWAYS GOOD VALUE," Ron said (re: Luna). Good to know he approves. :P

"Jealous type. Big bloke. You wouldn't want to cross him" <3333 Harry is very adorable. <3. And even a bit self-aware ;)

I love how F&G disappear with a 'pair' of cousins as if they're all out to have a foursome. Though if it's IC for anyone in the Potterverse, it'd be F&G.

Oh babies :( Really fighting DEs like grown-ups :( <3.

The description of Sirius's room is like a present, it makes me so happy. Better than Malfoy Manor, but in the same vein, it's just great to 'see' the real version of something so prominent in fanon. <3. And yet it doesn't hurt or destroy fanon, only deepens it.

Also: foreign!rage!Harry = hot. And he's all concerned for Draco, aww.

OMG one-year-old Hawwy on a broomstick!!!! TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS!! :D I want fanart now :(

Omg letter!! <3<3 Thanks, JKR <3.

Oh Harry & his desire for the Truth <3<3. Dumbledore would approve!! <3. Harry always wanted to know & was ready to doubt if proof seemed to present itself a lot more than I think James had done. I mean, Harry both trusts and doesn't, and in the end, I think he only ever -really- trusted Ron & Hermione to a certain degree.

Omg: Regulus's sign on the door!! Such a dork!! Aww, and comparing him to Percy!! HOPE FOR PERCY, Y/N?

It's so great that Harry notices Reggie was 'rather less handsome' (and 'smaller') than Sirius. Hee. Oooh, BURN. :O

If Tonks's love for Remus -was- a red-herring, Slytherlynx gets a fic of choice from me.

Oh Harry <3. Oh Remus <3.
"It was easy," said Harry <3. Harry/Remus, anyone? :))

Re: Harry & Mundungus and Harry's enjoyment of hunting down the Truth & demanding things-- it just amuses me that so many people in fandom have seemed to think Harry wouldn't want to be an Auror and would rather teach or play Quidditch. I can see Quidditch, but it was always a favorite game to Harry, not an obsession like with Ron. Being badass just seems to come naturally, though :>
took a break

It's kind of a repeating theme, isn't it, that Harry believes in something instinctively & someone-- Ron & Hermione or Gryffindors or the Ministry- doesn't believe him or dismisses him, though Ron & Hermione go along with it anyway. And even if Harry's wrong in some detail, he always sees the heart of the matter in a way Hermione doesn't.

'Take responsibility for your own power'-- of course Hermione would see it that way. I wonder what Dumbledore would say. I have a feeling this'll be important.

Re: Headmaster Snape, I love how this plotline never occurred to anyone [I'd heard of], it seems, 'cause fics always had Snape on the run with Draco or in a precarious position, forget Headmaster of Hogwarts, and yet in retrospect it seems so obvious.

I dunno if and/or how much I trust Snape at the moment. I don't -distrust- him (he still hasn't come for them personally), but JKR is keeping me on my toes, both regarding Snape and Dumbledore. Though I do trust Dumbledore; even if he made mistakes, as we know he did, I mean, he's still Dumbledore. But then I don't necessarily agree with him about our choices alone defining us; interesting commentary on his life (guilt + appeasement?) but his values & beliefs also define him as an individual, as do his feelings and acts of kindness. You could say they're all choices, but they're not action-oriented choices as Harry would probably understand them.

I love the doubt, though! It's fun. :D

Aww, he's sleeping in Sirius's room! So sweet <3. Y'know, I always thought he'd find the house was filled with bad memories after Sirius died, but he really seems to draw comfort from the history & associations.

Hahaha Oh Hermione! <3. "the slightly manic expression that Harry associated with exam review" <3 :D

I love the whole Kreacher turn-about thing. I think it goes with what I was telling spare_change about JKR's universe where 'change' is really about revealing more of yourself with time, and also seeing more truly leading to reconciliation, sorta like prejudice leads to conflict.

Also: this is why I hated post-HBP Horcrux hunt fics. You could tell people thought on some level it was bound to be predictable, repetitive and boring, so they wrote it that way. I'm just really smug that this isn't like that at all.

The flushing thing [to the Ministry] is hilarious. Oh JKR. <3.

Ooooh, DUM DUM DUM!! No more statues of magical races. D: D:

See, see, now all the anti-chest-monster wank can finally end. 'Cause. "Rage reared in him like a snake." Ahahahaha It's just a silly choice of metaphors, fandom, CAN YOU STOP OBSESSING, PLZ? NO? :P

Hee, Harry is special. He has both a snake AND a monster in there :P Depends on which is called for :P

Poor JKR. N oone ever told her you shouldn't compare people's emotions to things, and while you're at it, stop comparing people to think in general (ie, toad!Umbridge, etc). But JKR likes her little zoo of humanity. It's kinda cute, ok? :P Shut up, fandom :P

I would mock more happily if I didn't immediately think of fandom. Heh. I'm so glad to read this at my own slow pace, fandom's little observations & theories be damned. It's just me & the book, and in the end that's how I always want it. It means too much to me to have every reaction and feeling diluted by a dozen reflections from others. I dunno. It took me a long time to get over my anti-fannish mood post-HBP, but after this, I may never recover. Though I want to write/finish my fics, still.

Calling Harry "Undesirable No. 1" is somehow way too adorable. Eeheehee <3.

I am actually tempted by the idea of Dodgy/Dumbly slash. Oh come on. Painfully obvious! Angst! Lurve! Sekrit Dark Arts dabblings & disapproval mingled with (of course!) worship-omg. Man *__* Plus, hehehe, scruffy!Dumbly and gorgeous-blond!Dodgy <3 :D (...unless that's Aberforth [or someone else... ahem] in the pic. Woe, for I am shallow). Still. Oh Dumbly. <3. I wuv yoooouuu, especially if you did dabble in the Dark Arts <3. And you never married <3.

And I just love how Remus is unhappy-- it can't be -just- the baby-angst, 'cause he just sounded cold/remote and not only sad/etc. Man, CAN HE BE ANY MORE GAY??!! hahahaha oh JKR <3<3<3. Harry is pretty straight so far, though. *smugly blows raspberry at fandom* YES I AM BITTER :P :P

Oh [polyjuiced!]Harry and his "enormous fist" <3<3 :> heehee

Ahaha, Horcrux = Frodo's ring analogies :>

Ron :(( Only knowing he's fated not to die and to marry Hermione (well, it's JKR! bite me!) is keeping me happy at this point. *pouts* Oh Ron. :S *wibbles* Wah.

Omg. "corrosive hatred toward Ron"!!!!

No! God, this is the most awful thing yet. Oh God. [something is] "broken"

Ron's leaving was so scary & shocking, moreso, much much moreso than anything that's happened yet, and I feel the future looming over them, scary and alien for the first time. As shocking as Ron's injury was, it was nothing this terrifying. As much as I'm sure it has to end with sunny days and OBHWF, right now this is 1,000 times more real. Ron betraying Harry's trust is really worse than any death in some ways, and I honestly don't know where they'll go from here or how they could fix this.

I love that Harry 'could not help hoping' <3. Oh Harry <3. The worst part was possibly Harry's hatred and feeling something broken, so him feeling better about Ron so soon is so very good to hear <3. Um, well, fury is better than hatred?? Um??? *groans* A little, anyway -.- Meh.

Aw, Harry casting the protection spells is somehow sweet even if he couldn't comfort Hermione. Sorta... manly of him, isn't it?? Ahahaha <3.

Is it wrong that comparing his anger with Ron to anger at Dumbledore makes me aww? It's like, Harry is only so hotly angry when he cares a lot, otherwise he's more righteously angry, I think <3<3

Poor Hermione, btw. (Yes, I care about someone other than Harry, heehee). :P

For once, fandom was right: Ginny really did restart the DA post-HBP. 10 points to Gryffindor, I guess :P

Aww, poor Harry<3. Actually wanting other people to be in charge. Such a telling switch from OoTP <3.

I remember reading/seeing an icon somewhere that said Ron was the Trio's heart, and him leaving really shows it. On the other hand, in many ways they'd be a lot more practically devastated if Hermione left; this way they can go on, if depressed, but without Hermione the two of them would be quite hopeless. And I know Hermione knows how much Harry needs her, which is a large part of why she stayed (I think), whereas Ron's always had a thing about not being needed anyway, so once Harry challenged him to go, of course he had to leave, though I bet he feels sorry and kinda wants to return now; certainly he wouldn't go back to Hogwarts without Harry (or Hermione).

Just occurred to me that by the logic of the Hero's Journey mythos, Ron -has- to leave Harry because in the end, Harry has to face Voldy alone; in retrospect, even thinking about alchemical theory & the Black-->White-->Red progression [I've heard of], it seems ridiculous that people mostly thought of Hagrid as the next most important person/father figure/family in Harry's life after Sirius & Dumbledore. It's like all of us were in denial, refusing to seriously consider Ron-- though many predicted Ron's death, that always seemed too extreme for me, so I discounted the Ron factor, knowing JKR wouldn't do that to Harry and also knowing he was meant for Hermione and little red-curly-haired babies.

It's funny how the only way people assumed Ron may leave Harry would be through death or becoming a Death Eater out of deep bitterness-- not so easily or quickly, certainly; and yet, you could also see how likely this break was all along and how long it's been in coming 'cause Harry & Ron hadn't dealt with their issues.

In a way, Harry's had enough death to deal with & Hagrid's wouldn't mean as much as Ron's leaving by far-- since this is by choice. If you see there's also a progression in manner of death-- Sirius' random + accidental, Dumbledore's [an apparent] murder by betrayal, and Ron just left (betrayal), so Harry's had to deal with all kinds; it also obviously parallels Sirius and Remus mistrust/betrayal issues in the books and sheds light on Remus's comparison of James & Harry; James, who'd never imagine his friends could betray him. And indeed in many ways this could be more destructive/painful & meaningful than Ron's death would've been.

Also, this means that since Harry's got to face Voldy alone (just like on the cover), Hermione will leave him also (or become incapacitated, which is what I hope happens).

Still, I already miss Ron & his much-needed humor, and dread the idea of the rest of the book without him.

I love how gentle and careful Harry tries to be with Hermione about persuading her to go; I think this scene is the closest I've ever come to seeing the appeal of H/Hr. -.- Then again, I think this is the setting of many an H/Hr fic.

The cute Englishness of that bit of history of Godric's Hollow (and Christ, just how obvious -was- that, in retrospect? Oh JKR) made me all nostalgic for England. <3

Aww, it's Christmas Eve. <3. That's so... ahh. yeah. <3<3 Romantic? [Sentimental, more like.] But not in a lovey-dovey way. :P Sweet, kinda. I can see this scene so well, it's so vivid to me. <3. It's just so -right- that it's Christmas when Harry comes home. <3

Carols reminding Harry of "Ron in a hand-knitted sweater" <3 *cries* <3

Oh Harry <3. Wanting to come to the graveyard with Dumbledore. Always yearning <3.

This whole chapter is so wonderful and intense and atmospherically emotional. Oh Harry. <3. It's definitely my favorite since Chapter 2. When JKR gets it right, she really gets it right. <3.

This is the kind of chapter that makes me glad I did not hurry through the book or read it in blurry jpgs, because of how much I could lose of the impact of things like that quiet graveyard, and Hermione standing there and -being- there & conjuring a wreath of roses. <3. Definitely want [better] fanart of this.

Sorry if you don't want comments :">

Date: 2007-07-26 03:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Harry looking around Privet Drive was one of my favorite moments, and that's saying a lot. NO ONE PUT HER ON THE SPOILER LIST, I KNOW. HEDWIG, BABY, I'M HERE FOR YOU. SHE HID HER HEAD :( STOP THIS IS MAKING ME SAD :( He thought she was the most beautiful owl ever, did you know that :( He loved her first of everyone but Hagrid :( She was with him through everything :(

So much Trio love forever, you reminded me x 1000000 how much.

Oh, come on, Cho Chang <3

God I love Luna so much. Harry is very adorable. He is cute about Ginny sometimes. The one moment I really do like is when he's looking at Ginny on the battlefield, and I get for one small second why he loves her. But the rest of the time :|

There are so many hearts here, they're making me beam like an idiot and go <3 <3 <3 mentally also!

I sort of think Harry wouldn't want to be an Auror because he wouldn't want to work for anybody/the Ministry. Was the fact that he was being sort of a freelance Auror really in the epilogue or did someone make that up? I do not have the stomach to go check right now.

Yes to the Headmaster thing because seriously, JKR! She gets all these things that nobody would have guessed, like keeping Lucius in Azkaban during all of Book 6, when everyone was like, "Well OBVIOUSLY he's going to be out soon, OBVIOUSLY Snape will be running, blahblah." In my mind, she's just like, "TAKE THAT, FANDOM."

I forgot he slept in Sirius's room. I love that :(

Graveyard :( Flowers :( Your picture :( All you said about Ron :(

Sorry about fandom, I think that's what I was getting at - for six or seven hours, I just wanted it to be me in the dark with my book, the way it's always been. Though now I am back and well, I cannot help but return. It is good but bad but good!

I missed you, I was waiting for your post all along, you see.

Date: 2007-07-27 11:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I do want comments! But I guess most people decided I didn't! That, or I'm really boring. It's really a toss-up :> Anyway, yeay! I will now comment back instead of laboriously trying to type up and write various other things and so on.

There was a comment somewhere where the person was like, 'I don't care that Hedwig died 'cause she was bitchy to Harry beforehand' and I was like WHAT. People worry me sometimes >__> Ahh, I'm such a sucker for nostalgic moments, and DH had so many! All of chapter 2 and the Godric's Hollow one and the return to Grimmauld place where he's all *bonds with Sirius* and *bonds with Kreacher over the Blacks* and *notes that Regulus is a dork* and so on :>

I sort of embarrassed myself by liking H/Hr here, but then I liked H/L and I may even have liked Harry/Cho if there was more than one line by her. Also, wasn't she a year over Harry? But she returned just for him, I forgot :> He -is- cute about Ginny when he's not being all... coverboyish about it. Heh. Well, there wasn't a lot of Ginny in this book, so all's well that... isn't there much :> :-?

It's true! He wouldn't want to work for the Ministry, which is why it makes sense in JKR's interview where she said he'd join it to revolutionize it. Though. Maybe that sounds lame. I'd like to think he finishes Hogwarts and takes a year off to travel, JUST LIKE DUMBLEDORE WANTED TO!! :D But he's not an Auror in the epilogue itself, so it's not really canon.


Date: 2007-07-27 11:13 am (UTC)
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I am here! But I'm leaving for work soon!

LSKDJFSKDFJ HEDWIG WAS THERE FOR HIM FOR SIX YEARS, KDJFS WHATEVER. Anyway, you know she loved him wholeheartedly at her moment of death, and felt sorry for pecking at Hermione's and Ron's hands. Or maybe she didn't, because she did it on behalf of her darling Harry.

I know, there were great nostalgic moments, and references to past books, even with like, the Probity Probes, and the scar on the back of Harry's hand, and Stan Shunpike, and the Chamber of Secrets. And Cho Chang, of course! It kills me that she still likes him. I thought she would have gotten over him and then I would be fine but SHE STILL LIKES HARRY :( SHIT REENA, I THINK I'M GONNA HAVE TO WRITE ME SOME HARRY/CHO.

There's only one moment I like Ginny, when she's kneeling on the battlefield. I do think that's the one exception to Aja's rant, because she is showing compassion, and yeah, it is touching. But of course, Harry likes that she's not weepy. Fuck you, JKR, for that little dig at Cho. Her boyfriend died okay.

Yeah, blah, revolutionize the Ministry, blah. I hate these stupid future fics, they make me frustrated. I don't care about Harry eating sandwiches with Ron on his lunch hour in 2013. I mean, the sad thing is, if someone wrote it really well I would, but all I've been reading is bad. Skjds A YEAR OF TRAVEL. I hate myself. I hate my inner H/D shipper that was like, they could travel together :) :) :) God, why am I like this :">

Date: 2007-07-27 01:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HEHEH IT'S TRUE THEY COULD MEET UP IN CAIRO OR SOMETHING, WHERE DRACO IS DOING QUESTIONABLE MAGIC & HARRY HAS TO FOLLOW HIM AROUND :D :D Or Draco goes to exotic lands (France?) to get a new wand 'cause Harry won't return his. Or they meet in some small village in Mongolia, where Draco's learning to drink horse's milk and is being quite irritated with the lack of facilities :)) I just can't help myself, you see. But yeah, I don't care about sandwiches in 2013 either; I don't think we're supposed to. That's just sort of easier for some people to write for one reason or another. Maybe 'cause they identify with having a boring job :))

YEAY HARRY/CHO! I remember writing really angsty/bad Harry/Cho and wishing Harry the best of luck. Heheh. It's pretty amazing that she still likes Harry. Harry definitely doesn't still like her >__> (I'm guessing). But it's okay, because I like angst <3. I actually think it's interesting that Ginny wept (hiding it from him, sorta like Hermione did!) but Harry was like 'okay, well, as long as she's hiding it I won't dwell on that too much', hahahaha. But I actually think he was sensitive with Hermione even though he could never actually say anything.

I think there should be a great fic called, "The Boy Who Lived and the 4 Girls and 1 Boy Who Loved Him", or is that too lame? What's her name should be in it-- Romilda :))

Date: 2007-07-27 04:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Hahaha god remember back in the day where awesome fics were set everywhere but England? Oh around-the-world fics. <3.

Kjsds I hate that he was all, "My Ginny doesn't cry! So there, Malfoys and Chos of the world!" and then Ginny does cry, but he's all like, well, whatever, I'll just pretend I didn't see that. If he really wants a girl who will never cry, well, there's Romilda! Goddamn. I really want Harry/Alicia Spinnet or something ridiculous.

Also, come on, you know there's more than one boy who loves Harry Potter. Girls too, for that matter. Who are the four girls? Ginny, Cho, Romilda . . . Malfoy?

Date: 2007-07-27 04:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, Moaning Myrtle!

You should make it like, The Boy Who Lived and the 4 Girls and 1 Boy and 1 Ghost and 1 Owl Who Loved Him :)))))

Date: 2007-07-27 11:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahah! That would be awesome. Poor Hedwig, I don't think fandom ever considered her for a love interest :(

Okay, Hermione, Ginny, Cho, Romilda, Malfoy, Moaning Myrtle & Hedwig *___* And A Partridge in a Pear Treeeeee :D

Date: 2007-07-28 04:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No, there's that one fic where Hedwig is a woman! It scarred me for life. I dunno if it's Harry/Hedwig or not but. STILL. SCARS, REENA.

I think you should add McGonagall to the list!

Date: 2007-07-27 11:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
AHAHAH YOU KNOW HE HAS GAY WIZARDING FANBOYS BUT THAT WOULD REALLY FREAK HIM OUT :)) Man. He was probably propositioned once, at least. Ya think? Man. He's so famous & he's in Witch's Weekly (and like, uh, the gay boys would read that, right?) hehehe oh man.

But. Alicia Spinnet has no personality :( However, Harry doesn't hold Hermione's crying against her at all and tries his best to be understanding & take care of things quietly; I seriously think JKR went wrong in not ending it with a threesome :))

Ginny, Cho, Romilda... Colin Creevey :> :>

Date: 2007-07-27 01:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And 'the 1 boy' is, of course, Colin Creevey :D :D

Date: 2007-07-26 03:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Also, you're listening to what I think of as YOUR SONG. Even though it's not your LJ title anymore, or maybe it was only on your other journal, I don't know, it makes me think of you, and weirdly Pink Floyd makes me think of 2002-2003 and Harry Potter, I cannot explain except to reference Paul which you may or may not remember, anyway, I'm babbling, <3.

Date: 2007-07-27 11:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It is my song! One of (well, there's also 'These Dreams' that's at least as much my song, but more like when I was 14...). Who is Paul! Why does that sound so oddly familiar!! <3. I feel so out of touch all of a sudden 'cause I missed the frenzy of DH reviewing and now no one on my flist is talking about HP anymore except for furiosity :( Back to normal, I guess. ><; Wah. I'm glad you liked this one :D I was very bouncy :>

Date: 2007-07-27 11:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Paul was the kid who looked like Harry Potter who I had a crush on in 10th/11th/12th grade, and we went on a trip to Europe together in summer 2003 (the OotP summer!), and I wrote a lot of poems/angst about it. Like, a lot.


Date: 2007-07-27 12:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Back in the day you didn't give people names, it was more like you had them represented symbolically by flowers and seasons :)) <3. I remember some sort of photos and there was a boy and references to travel in Europe. No names, though.

Awww, and I also didn't realize he looked like Harry <3.

Date: 2007-07-27 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think I mentioned him by names a couple times. Yeah, he looked a lot like Harry Potter, until he grew his hair out more. He had blue eyes. He played the guitar and wanted to be an elephant like I did, and um, yeah. I really liked him from afar. A lot. I also wrote a lot of awful poems about him, that 2003 summer. Man, when reminiscing, I think 2003 is my favorite HP summer, not 2002. 2002 was all, "OMFG H/D, DEATHFIC WITH FLOWERS," and 2003 was all, "random pairings with metaphors!"

I HATE ASS. But I still think mAS/Sive, embarAS/Sed, etc., is kind of hilarious. LSKDJF I also like Scorpius a lot more than Albususus Severususus because his name reminds me of Scorpio Nespoir, so it feels a little right.

Date: 2007-07-27 11:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heheh actually 2003 was my favorite too, 'cause I went to the con! And there was OoTP! And I fell in love with canon! And wrote lots of H/D fic! And made more friends! etc. I was even starting to branch out into other pairings by 2004, but I could never write random pairings. =; hehe


I cannot like anyone just because of their name, sorry fandom. ;__;

Date: 2007-07-28 04:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Aww, 2003. I think I have so many cozy memories of fandom because I was never involved - or really even aware - of so much of the wank that went on. I like my little corner, yeah.

We both wanted to be elephants if we were animals because elephants never forget!

Date: 2007-07-26 12:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Amalin & Ste, and because I wrote so many notes I feel like it's a paper's worth :>


I am sort of shipping Harry/Dudley. It's cute in a low-key bizarre way. Have you read the fic where Dudley's son goes to Hogwarts and is named Rambo?

More later, I am rereading.

Date: 2007-07-27 10:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehehe Harry/Dudley. I can almost see it, if only Dudley wasn't so totally not my type. For I am shallow, and he is also dumb. But cute when he blushes. Aww, tea-cups<3.


Date: 2007-07-27 02:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Reena help. Why has fandom developed a boner for Albus Severus Merlin Godric Jesus Mohandas.

The only fic I liked post-DH has now what I think is ASS, and that poor adorable shy little angel is having illness angst and Scorpius is comforting him.

What is wrong with people. Why do they see a character like Albus Severus Merlin Godric Jesus Mohandas and not hate him.

But in a way, it's comforting.

Date: 2007-07-27 10:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I will never really understand fandom :( Ergh. Fandom and its obsession with minor characters they can do anything with. I will never get it. This is why I hate minor characters :O Fandom ruined them for me :O

I actually thought Albus Severus was cute. But not as PART OF A PAIRING OMGWTF.

Hahaha I can't believe you expect good fic out of fandom in the first place. Well, wait for the next Big Bang, I guess :D

Date: 2007-07-27 11:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I actually thought Albus Severus was cute.


I thought you were my ~friend~

Date: 2007-07-27 11:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well. The part that's cute isn't the boy but Harry's wanting to honor both Dumbledore and Snape. That's kinda cute! Even if, y'know, a bit misguided in terms of naming a kid that way :))

Date: 2007-07-27 11:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lol it was hilarious.

Date: 2007-07-27 11:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh Poor Harry. So traumatized by weepy!Cho.

Harry actually has a secret boner for weak people. It's just that the tears remind him of his shame.

Date: 2007-07-27 11:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
s;lkfs;alk;falklkgldk'd Y'know the fact is that he never liked Cho that much anyway, since when Ginny cried he was like 'okay, it's fine' and when -Hermione- did he was downright understanding. ><;;


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