May. 30th, 2007


May. 30th, 2007 04:37 am
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Okay, so May 31st is apparently the last day to preregister for the Yaoi-Con in October (for $40), and since I decided I'm going to the Prophecy HP con this August after all, umm, suddenly I'm all 'hmmm, Yaoi-Con... *strokes chin*'.

But. The reason I've never gone before (besides it being on the other side of the country-- in San Fran-- before) was basically 'cause no one I knew was going. Wah. I didn't want to go cross country to basically hang out with a whole bunch of people who only have 'bishie love' in common with me ^^;; I mean, seriously, there's just something a leeeetle disturbing about the whole bishie fixation both in shoujo & yaoi fandom, not that it's surprising or anything (but I guess every fandom has a bishie fixation, though at least they don't call John or Rodney-- or god help me, Snape-- bishies). But that's neither here nor there. ^^;;


I'll totally sign up if someone-- anyone??-- I know wants to go too. Wah? It sounds fun. It's in San Fran. And apparently there's a bishie auction involved. *facepalm* Any excuse to take the bus down to Frisco, really :D

Anyone? Anyone? ...Bueller?

Also, I just thought it's weird how I really enjoy getting to know the authors of fanfics I like & yet have a sort of puritanical desire for distance yet also a morbid curiosity about the up and coming new fantasy authors I like. What with everyone and their brother having either an lj or a website, it's getting a little too easy to know a little too much, though. I dunno, it's just... it's not that I don't want to know anything, it's that I don't want to feel like they're just another person, just a shmuck like me, y'know. Then, somehow, I wonder if I should still be paying money for their books, I guess. Like, mixing money/fannishness & a casual online acquaintance just seems... weird/wacky/wrong.

Which is why I can't seem to want to read the books my online friends wrote :/ Eeep. Or even the friends of my online friends, ahahaha. It all feels a bit too incestuous somehow. I dunno. Sort of weird since it's totally different with fanfic or... free online fic in general, mostly 'cause I just... relate to online fic differently. It may be just as good as published fic or published fic may be just as bad, but the point is that I relate to them differently when they come with shiny covers & $6.99 stickers on them. But if I know the author as 'that person from lj', suddenly... I feel I'm doing them a personal favor by buying the book, and also my expectations lower and suddenly I feel like I'm about to go through the slush pile even if it looks good just from a read-through.

Funky baseless biases, I know, but hard as hell to escape; the fact is that I'm really glad JKR isn't around to answer every random question about the books or complain about some random thing on her hypothetical lj. Or rather, I'm glad she's really careful with what & how she answers. I wish all new fantasy authors were as careful and didn't just indulge their fans as much as they possibly can without blatantly giving away plot points. :/ Really, I think JKR says too much also (Ginny the 'Perfect Girl', anyone??), but compared to the majority of authors I've seen who interact with fans actively, she's a model of saintly restraint. Scary, really. ^^; All I can say is that if & when I ever sell a book, you won't hear about it here :)) The temptation to go on and on about my characters, to argue with people who got it wrong, to ramble about my inspirations until the luster totally fades... man, I know I'd feel it too. Abstinence is the answer, methinks (though not really 'cause the very word 'abstinence' sends shudders of horror down my spine... not to say I don't abstain from things, but goddammit not on purpose!! or... something!!!). That or a Mysterious Authorly Persona (tm).

All this to say I should really stay away from the urban fantasy comms, I guess, though I know well enough that I can't stop looking at the newer authors' websites out of that same morbid curiosity. Well, but there's still a sense of distance with websites. It all goes downhill once they start cracking jokes in comments & commenting on their own work. That's really what does it-- it's the commenting/pimping their work. Sort of eyerolly in fandom, but sort of "......." when there's money involved, I guess, haha.


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