May. 25th, 2007

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I wonder if it's possible to write H/D fic I'd read on a bad day (ie, a total and unavoidable ennui day-- pretty much every day currently) without feeling the way I do/did about the pairing. Like, I wonder if how you feel about love, the characters, canon-- how much all that Authorial Intent stuff matters insofar as it inevitably reflects itself in the manner of the writing (as I believe it does). I wonder if I'd ever read any fics I truly loved without them being written by someone either a) in love with passionate, insane, you-and-no-other-even-if-you're-not-so-good-either love or b) in love with H/D to the total exclusion of any other pairing (though perhaps a few runner ups that certainly didn't involve either Harry or Draco).

I have no patience even to give H/D fics a chance anymore, honestly though, no matter who writes them. I just feel a little less guilty about it if I see the person writes primarily non-H/D, hahaha. I say this because I actually started a random fic today just to write something, and inevitably it was a Draco-pov H/D fic-- post-Hogwarts, no less. As usual, if I write it myself, it's nowhere near as boring/stupid/annoying to me, hahah. Also, Draco the mobile salesman-- had to be done. ♥. :D

Anyway, I do wonder. I think this is partly an unanswerable, philosophical question, but at the same time it's not meant as rhetorical. I always felt like H/D encapsulated the sort of relationship (in my mind) that you can't be casual about. You can't be a swinger and really get H/D; not unless you're the kind of swinger that only really craves one person like a drug but either likes denial or totally separates sex & love, haha. You can't be polyamorous and get H/D, on a gut level I mean. You can't even be a non-romantic, in some ways, and really get some aspects of H/D (not to say it's a shmooshy sort of romance like James & Lily or even Sirius & Remus, but it's high romance ideally, if only the sort that breaks bones & takes no prisoners even as it rolls its eyes at itself). As an interesting corollary, I don't think you can fully get H/D being naive or... entirely nice, either; it'd help to have some burning heartbreak and rage under the belt, that's for sure. I mean, I like my H/D realistic and hardcore, even unsentimental, but the thing is that if you write it honestly, the romance and sentiment will shine through clearer. That's my philosophy: imitate life/truth, and the situational pecularities will shine through naturally; or in other words, the point of faithful representation is that it shows without telling.

...mer. )

As far as what I've been up to-- I've been reading urban fantasy & being glad there are no fandoms for those books that I (want to) know of :>


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