Mar. 26th, 2007

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Omg, I'm dying, I'm dying.... *___* This latest H/D doujinshi scanlated by Aku-Tenshi & DokiDoki is described thusly: "Doujinshi's answer to the Western fanfic epic. 90 pages of ambitious H/D angst" = MUSIC TO MY EARS :D :D :D Omg, seriously, the sheer nostalgia factor just slays me. Just when I was really thinking, 'damn, I'm pretty much over HP, aren't I', ahahaha. Man, I'll never get over this version of the story, that much is for sure. It somehow only gets better after the 8927287934th time I see it :)) Everything old is new again, as they say :>

Itaike na Shizuku: because 'POTTER IS MY FRIEND' [I had to upload the first few super-nostalgic pages, of course, eheheh] )

Hahah, at this point I don't care where it fits into canon, and I even like that it occurs in a sort of post-GoF limbo of sorts :)) After enough spy!Draco and post-Hogwarts and mature!Draco... this is exactly what I wanted. I mean, in the beginning, my motivation for greater canon-use and ICness was really to UP THE ANGST. Heh. Oh man. *sigh*

NINETY PAGES OF THIS *____* Old-school angst. *clutches to bosom!!!* I seriously love my angsty pointy Draco with an unholy gleeful love *___* SUFFER MY PRETTIESSSS!! SUFFFFFERRRR FOR YOUR OMG ETERNAL YET ANGSTY LOFF!!1 *___*

Man, this makes me think of [ profile] cathexys's overview post on fanon, especially the part where she quotes [ profile] liviapenn talking about how the best fanon always becomes boring once seriously overused. And that's true-- most people's retellings of that old cliche-ridden H/D angst epic make me snore these days-- but I think this still overlooks the fact that some fanon cliches become plot kinks for some readers, something like favorite toys, so in theory they'll always be treasured and nostalgic. I dunno. It also helps when one feels no fic actually explored the potential of a particular fanon trope as far as one wanted it to go-- that's definitely how I've long felt about H/D. It was always like, 'close, but no cigar', and that alone kept me interested for a long time where repetition alone would've slain me.

Um. *coughs* You can download it at the bottom of Aku-Tenshi's HP doujins page, here :D


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