Feb. 13th, 2007

Man, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I can't decide whether to go to a 'burn/mutilate/destroy your ex's things' bash in a bar with Dan Savage or to a Jesse Sykes concert. Woe :( And of course I haven't written that quirkyalone thing for Valentine's International Quirkyalone Day. But there's progress on my novella! So I might, in fact, finish -that- this century sometime, and people will say stuff about how confusing it and depressing it is <3. But not too many people, 'cause that would be weird.
    Btw, is it just me, or is this H/D fanart icon the most disturbing picture of them EVAR??? ...Unless you're one of those people who like their H/D as braindead toddlers on crack. I can just hear braindead-toddler!Harry's squeaky, tinny little squees (as he humps Draco's leg). 'YEAY, DWAKO IS HEERE! NOW WE CAN... PLAY BALL!!1' And Draco's like, 'YAYE! I've always wanted a Potter droid!! Awesome! ...And now to make him cry...' ^^;;;; And to contrast, I really love this journalfen icon <3. It warms my soul, okay? >.> I love it when things just... mock themselves & save me the trouble :>
    Er, anyway.... *cough*

I just think character-bashing posts like this semi-old one are so hilarious; what I find especially funny is just how ridiculous it seems to be like 'omg, this character did THIS not-so-nice thing to my favorite/s in this book, SO I HATE HIM!!!!' ^^;; I love the whole listing thing people do, as if it's oh-so-rational and obvious why ANYONE would hate the character for that. Oh man. Of course, it's equally hilarious when people are like, 'well, see, this character did X, Y and Z, CLEARLY THEY ARE THE MOST AWESOME PERSON EVAR!! HOW CAN YOU ARGUE THIS!!'

I alternate between bemused, almost affectionate eyerolling & sort of going 'see, see, *lists events & qualities*, THIS IS WHY I AM A HERMIT!! WHY ISN'T EVERYONE!!1' D:

...In any case, maybe it's just me (...probably), but getting that wound up/offended at Sirius seems especially silly to me. Then again, I'm not the best judge 'cause uh... I can't get that offended at anyone in HP, and I just generally don't get personally offended/outraged by fictional characters. Sirius just seems particularly... 'eh??' 'cause the reason is that he's so immature/messed up. I mean... er... well, I suppose it has to do with a person's personal issues, or... something o_0 I used to 'hate' Lucius, but what I really hated was the fannish adulation of fanon!Lucius that I saw, not canon!Lucius (whom I can't care less about). Mer?

I think this whole issue is best summed up here, with this quote:
    "It would be interesting to see how the world would be different if Dick Cheney really listened to Radiohead's OK Computer. I think the world would probably improve. That album is fucking brilliant. It changed my life, so why wouldn't it change his?"
Chris Martin of Coldplay, Guardian Weekend 28 May 2005

    Oh, and I took this test on Moral Parsimony (um, moral strictness vs. relativism), and it turns out my score-- 49%-- is way lower than their average of 65%. I guess it should be unsurprising most people are way less relativistic than me? Or should I feel bad 'cause of my corrupt soul?? Not sure :> Hehe, also not sure how it relates to recently being sorted Gryffindor on the OKcupid test :> *smug*


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