Feb. 1st, 2007


Feb. 1st, 2007 11:15 pm
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So I've been having more of the writing meets with my friend, though this time by coincidence, we were joined by a DC comicsverse writer friend and I was also writing my H/D novella instead of original fic. Hehe, it's cute 'cause my friend was totally way more excited than I was when she said she heard book 7 will be released this summer & I said it was actually July 21st :D And I showed her Aja's post with the Borders stickers, and she squealed! Even though she thought the Half-blood Prince was Voldemort (ahahah) and so totally didn't get it when I said Harry had a crush on him :>

Anyway, non-fandom people's pure HP love is so cute. ♥. If totally misinformed :)) She was like, 'it's so great to read such a well-written book. LIKE MARGARET ATWOOD' :)) AHAHA I LOVE MY DOPEY RL FRIENDS ♥. (...yeah, she's the one who wants to write like Mercedes Lackey, hehe.)

Man. I'm sorta... ready, I guess. In a really calm, damn-I-have-a-headache-and-can't-get-too-excited-about-anything ('cause I'm so out of it) sort of way. It sort of feels like... it really is true that book 6 & book 7 are going to be two parts of the same book, and I'm ready to finish the bloody book & also to stop seeing fics about horcrux hunting :> I'm a bit mean that way. ^^; Even though the canon's likely to make H/D 'more difficult', well, welcome to my world, where H/D has been pretty damn difficult post-HBP :> It can't get worse, it can only get more settled, which would be a relief. I've really been both excited and messed up by the developments in HBP-- many mixed feelings, especially as to my own personal flaming writer's ennui the last 2 years.

...And it would rock if I did get my shit together enough to be in England for the con when the book came out :D Oh man. I wanna read at least the first chapter in Trafalgar Square as the sun sets... *daydreams*


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