Jan. 12th, 2007

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Hello hello from wintry, gusty, freezing Seattle. My obviously Very Gay (tm) barrista at my corner coffeehouse said 'not to worry honey' 'cause it being Seattle, we'll have 40° & sunshine tomorrow; I thought that was a little too optimistic, but I guess I appreciate the sentiment. Um, not that this has anything to do with anything, but thinking of Dan Savage makes me think of queens, and off I went....

Oh yes, this whole entry was because I wanted to squee about Dan Savage; I'd been reading his 'Savage Love' column off & on for ages now, of course, but it didn't really click till I read 'The Commitment', which is about gay marriage & his kid & boyfriend and how they got married in Canada and other stuff. He's just so... cute :> It also made me feel all warm-fuzzy 'cause he's got the sort of relationship that makes you feel maybe getting together with & marrying another person isn't a total loser's game :> This doesn't happen too often to me, considering that even with my super-romanticism & OTPs, I'd never actually expect/want any of them to get hitched :> Especially not Harry & Draco. -.-;;;; But Dan & Terry? Yeah. :>

There's a quote from a recent interview he did where he was talking about how he may be perceived as overly harsh/abrasive to his readers, and he said,
    If somebody comes at you with both barrels, the first shot opens your head, and the second shot allows the advice to get lodged inside.

Heh. That pretty much sums up why I'm so a-okay with abrasive people others perceive as rude or insensitive assholes, etc (if they've got something of use to say). I think violently opening up people's heads is a great thing, and I sure wish -I- could do it; I'm not so sure Dan does do it, but it's a fine sentiment, right? I think the status quo is basically meaningless 'cause stuff always deteriorates anyway, usually when it's too late to stop the shit from hitting the fan; I mean, I'm a fan of harmony based on understanding, but there are people out there who won't understand until and unless you blast their heads open. Y'know. Stubborn people :> They need tough love (or so the ideal goes).

I've always been very enamoured of hard-edged individuals, maybe 'cause I've always been sort of soft-edged with hard-edged explosions when I get pushed to the limit, so I've always wished I could be harder than I am. I think being unempathic is a problem, but I suppose I appreciate the skills I lack. Anyway, uhhh, Dan Savage rocks, the end (...and yes, while I think he's intelligent/witty/incisive, 'adorable' is in there too, heheh).
    Oh, oh, I also really loved the part in the interview where he said that homophobia is really a form of misogyny 'cause homophobes tend to associate gay men with taking the "woman's role" in sex, and that if we eradicated misogyny, homophobia would go at the same time. There's definitely something to that, man. I've never known a guy who genuinely loved women who was also uncomfortable with gay sex (in theory, not like... uh, practice) but then I don't know many homophobes for comparison, so....


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