Date: 2007-09-16 09:25 am (UTC)
I suppose I make it a point not to be jugdmental about people's subjective responses especially? And probably fail (human nature), but I do think I have an instinctive leeway where I'm like, 'well, this is fascinating and explains a lot... okay now I empathize more'. But just because I empathize more isn't like, a call for empathy. Is it? OR HAVE YOU SEEN THROUGH ME?? hahahahaha. You know, on some level it is; on the same level as the stuff you say could be a call for 'some hard logic already, you morons' :D :D You know, you don't really believe that's useful but you can't help just being sort of stumped by how people don't function in a way you consider most cool & useful and ideal in a general sense, so. Me too. I'm like that too :)) I mean, I'd never try arguing 'empathy is ideal! dammit, conform!!!!' because... that's not me, plus that'd be weird, whereas by its nature logic is sort of going to want to dominate or rather eliminate/replace... uh, non-logic. Exterminate, I believe you said? :D Ah, no, 'stamp out' :D :D :D Whereas empathy isn't so much with the stamping method. Unless people get self-righteous, defensive, delusional and moralistic, but I like to pretend those people aren't like me at all & in fact are doing something else entirely. *cough* :D

Anyway, given that the emotives aren't claiming objective truth, why does it have to suck? They're just sitting there reading something-- a private act, no?-- so what got up all those rationals' butts, anyway? Unless the emotives go all preachy & prescriptive about the merits of badfic, in which case someone should spank them. :D I'll start :D :D But yeah, I think emotives can't understand the rationals more oftent than vice versa ('cause they're not thinking); however, the rationals often can't have the basic courtesy of letting the others 'live & let live' a little because they're 'just incorrect', so they don't know how to play nice enough to get the emotives to listen. It's an age-old stalemate ^^;; However, I like to view people's emotions from a disconnected place too... I mean, I'm not always just empathizing and feeling the lurve & joining in the circle of life. :> Though. I do do that too when I'm trying to be less annoyed with everyone, but that's just me & my coping skillz. :>

I agree the fan mindset warps the perception of the source, totally. That's one of the biggest critiques people who're anti-fanfic have, and they tend to be quite militant about it, too, like that statement is an OFFENSE against THE HEAVENS, OH NO!!!! :D It's an interesting and often creative warp, though, I think, but that's 'cause there are no holy cows. Sometimes it's just a stupid and deluded super-buttonized warp, but that's people for ya :> I also think casual fans miss some things more devoted fans wouldn't, merely 'cause I think loving something can make you pay attention more at best just as it may make you deluded at worst-- it's like, there's a range, y'know. Some Star Wars fans seem to know every frame of the films better than George Lucas probably does, but they're also a bit self-righteous & often so proprietary about the series that they start thinking they 'know better' than the creator to the point where they refuse to accept some things that are 'wrong' in their view. Which the casual fan wouldn't do. But the casual fan also just plain wouldn't notice a lot of stuff, too, so it's a trade-off as usual :>
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