Date: 2007-09-16 08:43 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's pretty humbling to realize just how many implied subjective axioms I insert into anything I when a rational/deconstructive critique ignores them and I'm like, 'um... but where did I say this?' and then I realize I'm always expecting people not to take me literally, sort of as a courtesy especially if they know me personally, hahaha. Sometimes I think (or they tell me) I'm good at expressing myself, and then I realize that this is mere illusion that logic can put 1001 holes though. ><;;

Anyway, yeah... I can see how it'd seem I meant rationals and emotives are both problematic, 'cause I was talking about their problematic aspects in communication without disclaiming myself. But since I'm mostly emotive myself and I admire rational types so much, I can't possibly be meaning to say we all suck, right. ^^;;; I was focusing on the problems more specifically so as better to highlight/contrast the conflicts.

Though rather than assuming everything I say is subjective feeling, it'd be more correct to say it's merely undecided-- a hypothesis that needs more build-up to become either a feeling or a claim of fact. I'm generally just intuitively spewing out ideas that may or may not actually work, and I'm not sure yet if they do or not until the end, where I may or may not arrive at a conclusion one way or another, haha. :>
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