Date: 2007-08-01 04:55 am (UTC)
Aside from my entire OotP post, I really love Filch taking the portraits down. Oh man, my heart starts racing every time the movie starts and they take off on their brooms and they're flying across the Thames and it's all light and it feels like it's really starting. Have I said that I REALLY LIKE THE SOUNDTRACK for this movie? It feels subtle and really good. Hedwig flying above Hogwarts! Draco's ridiculous face is aaaaawesome. Umbridge: "The consequences could be . . . severe." Ron being all, "I let her do that" after Hermione stuns him. kdfjs I LOVE CHO FOREVER OKAY. I like how she and Harry are laughing in the courtyard before Hermione interrupts them. I LOVE THAT EVERY TIME HAGRID SAYS "Dumbledore sent me to parley with the giants," I hear him say, "party with the giants," and I love his spotted blue teacups that feature in like, every movie. The motherfucking Thestrals! Sirius punching Lucius is awesome also. Why are you so obsessed with James hahaha. His little sneer. What aquarium? I am still confused about the aquarium you are talking about kdjfs.

"LOOK AT ME!" Do you know? Harry says that to Dumbledore. And then Voldemort says that to Harry at the end, when he's possessing him (which I also love, the mirror, Voldemort in Harry's sweatshirt, dlkfjs). And it's the Snape line! So much of this movie mirrored DH in weird ways ("Fudge: All Is Well") that it was uncanny.

One of my favorite favorite things about OotP is that the politics are so spot on. All school accountability and putting education first and twisting words to talk about progress and the best interest of the children, that is so awesome, I love that part. I also love how little details are slipped in, like Fudge talking about the Azkaban breakout and being like, "Of course the Muggle Prime Minister has been notified," ldkfjs the details, the details!

I love the way DanRad says "sawr," it's adorable.
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