Date: 2007-07-30 01:13 pm (UTC)
I don't hate children, though! My mind just really rebels against that whole fast-forward, jump ahead, where are they now sort of ending. I WANTED AN NA ENDING, OKAY. Like a curtain going down, knowing they're going to keep on going, Harry's going to go to sleep in Gryffindor and eat his sandwich and wake up the next morning and have toast and get a new owl etc etc, and it's all going to keep happening, we just won't get to see it anymore. And Parvati's line in NA, "I hope I can change," that will all go on, their lives, moving and changing, we just won't be watching.

Not zoom out, zoom in on Albus Severus, zoom out again after assuring us that all is well. That doesn't feel honest or worth anything, to me. Especially the way it was done, I might've bought the news article sort of handling, but. I don't know, it just felt wrong and weird to me. So in the end it's not really Albus Severus or driving tests, it's like - I wanted that feeling, the "There was no telling" and "I hope I can change" and us pulling back but their lives going on. I know that still happens technically but that feeling was broken, for me, with the epilogue.
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