Date: 2007-09-17 08:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think to an extent everyone's appropriating ideas to support their own agenda, and in a highly politicized (politicized about interpretations of the text, because of investment) place like fandom it's normalized... which is probably why I have doubts a conversation about rationality of fandom, in fandom, about fandom would go on smoothly without being hijacked & derailed... but maybe I'm just be paranoid. Maybe picking a minuscule obscure fandom as your example would fit. Actually imagining one would be even better. And it would be fun to build it.

authorial intent vs. reader response, emotional reactions vs. intellectual observations, emotional investment vs. emotional detachment and emotional expression vs. rationalized expression

That's a good breakdown! We just need to see what happens when the variables align. I would be on a spectrum on most of these depending on another variable, except for always being for reader response. I'm never completely emotionally detached unless I'm completely uninterested... which is not likely? Because then I'd find a way to relate it to something I care about.

You're v. right about the mutual confusion between reader response people and authorial intent people. I actually am interested not so much in the debate but in hearing the reasons without value judgment attached, from both ends. I think for me the starting point is that when I read a story or watched a movie as a kid, I actually didn't think someone had written it.
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