Date: 2007-09-16 04:43 pm (UTC)
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You know, you don't really believe that's useful but you can't help just being sort of stumped by how people don't function in a way you consider most cool & useful and ideal in a general sense, so. Me too. I'm like that too :))

Oh yeah. Well, everyone's like that, I think. Or most people, at least. I do think it's interesting that I've met a lot of emotive people who admire rational thinking and absolutely no rational thinkers that admire emotive thinking, but I think that has more to do with, as you said, a tendency for NT types to have sort of a superiority complex, which I TOTALLY HAVE and struggle with constantly because I don't want to be that person, you know?

That said, when I said the stamp out thing I didn't mean that i get the drive to stamp out emotional thinkers? More that I get the drive to stamp out my own emotional biases and responses, and I don't understand why other people have sort of a "yay, bias, embrace the subjective!" response instead of trying to eliminate as much of that as possible. And I mean, I know you can't eliminate it all, but it's weird because I've always assumed that objectivity is a positive - school emphasized it, law emphasizes it, my parents emphasize it. It wasn't until fandom that I met a slew of people who rejected it.

Anyway, given that the emotives aren't claiming objective truth, why does it have to suck? They're just sitting there reading something-- a private act, no?-- so what got up all those rationals' butts, anyway?

Eh, I can't speak for other NT types, but what sticks in mine is the tendency to support reader response in the sense that they feel entitled to their view of the source regardless of what creators or such and such say (which is fine), but at the same time tend to be the most vehement denouncers of OTHER PEOPLE'S subjective responses. Or, as I was saying to Rae the other day, so many people claim to champion subjectivity but in actuality are championing the idea that there IS a One Truth, and they have it but no one else does.

And again, I understand what's happening there, but I still think it sucks.

however, the rationals often can't have the basic courtesy of letting the others 'live & let live' a little because they're 'just incorrect', so they don't know how to play nice enough to get the emotives to listen.

I've actually seen more of that from the emotive people, although I suppose that might be because I'm in QAF fandom which is clearly BATSHIT INSANE. Most of the people I know who are me-like are too tired of all the crazy to bother trying to reach other types.

That's one of the biggest critiques people who're anti-fanfic have, and they tend to be quite militant about it, too, like that statement is an OFFENSE against THE HEAVENS, OH NO!!!! :D

Canon interpretation: SERIOUS BUSINESS. lol

Yeah, I do think it's an interesting and creative warp although it's kinda like farther and farther from reality the farther you get to the edges of this dome thing. Now I'm thinking in three-dimensional shapes. :/ Anyway.

I also think casual fans miss some things more devoted fans wouldn't, merely 'cause I think loving something can make you pay attention more at best just as it may make you deluded at worst

Hmm, well here's what I think. I think devoted fans pay more attention and read more things into it, and sometimes that turns out to be right and sometimes it turns out to be wrong. And sometimes their devotion fills up their eyes and they start reading everything through a lens of their assumption which makes them MISS more things instead of SEEING more things. But it depends on the subject and the person. But that's on an interpretational/predictive level, I guess, because yeah I do totally agree that a devoted fan often knows more details than the casual.
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