Date: 2007-09-16 10:11 am (UTC)
I forgot about that, haha, though that's what causes the wank rather than the 'me toos' that post got (then again, it was too cute to wank, I guess). There's both the people who're just into the fanfic/fandom/subversion in a 'fuck canon! long live the queens!' and people who just like hatin'... though I think that post-book-6 and to some extent book 7, people became disillusioned, so you get fans who're just emotionally distant and disappointed yet still rational rather than passionately invested anymore. However, most people who don't get being in a fandom just for the fanon say that too ('why the hell would they bother if they were rational about it?' though they don't put it like that). Honestly, I myself wouldn't bother with fandoms where I really didn't like the canon, though I think fanon can help the 'meh' type canon grow on me, whereas if I love a canon source too much, personally I'm probably going to be too touchy & protective of it to get into the Wild West anything-goes vibe of fandom in general.

Anyway, I didn't mean to say that 'rational analysis' is necessarily negative at all (because it'd make no sense if I did say that)... though, umm, what I meant was that a lot of times even though it's not meant like that, it -feels- negative to emotionally invested fans. Also, I didn't mean to set up rationality & emotion as complete opposites which have nothing in common in each other-- I was saying I noticed a trend in type of reader response, and I was sort of carelessly naming/labelling it as 'rational' vs 'emotive' in a quick 'n dirty way, but I wasn't using those terms as directly & fully tied to their normal meanings, if that makes sense. The duality is just artificial for examination purposes.

I agree that they're both the same sides of the same coin... though at the same time, I unmistakably tend to get -predominantly- either one or the other approach in discussion with a given fan, just... informally speaking, my own impressions. I also think that while you're right and it's just a style of expressing 'why it worked/didn't work', I think there's a difference in the reader's preferred focus/subject-matter as well. I also agree that an analytical approach is generally more widely intelligible (which is where I was going with the 'purple wildebeests' analogy), but I also have noticed through experience that certain widely-held subjective opinions have certain short-hands in expression within fandom (squeeing about certain topics), and you don't need to be too clear if you fit into those categories of squee. A more complex point needs more rational elaboration to be understood by a wider audience (as I tried to say), but then most people don't actually have complex points to make in their responses, anyway. Though yeah... the reason I was talking about balance and critiquing both approaches to start with is because to understand one another, we need a common language of some sort.

Re: 'different values', maybe I don't know what you mean, but I was actually talking about that, wasn't I, when I was referring to different qualities one focuses on based on preference, like how I ignore plot holes but fixate on style elements, etc. Anyway, 'rational analysis' is probably something that's just natural and obvious to someone who uses it a lot and mostly visible through contrast? I see (...and do) a lot of intuitive/subjective-response driven writing about stories, all about 'this is how X made me feel' and 'this is what X inspired' and 'I feel like X is going on with these characters and Y should be going on but....'. It's when you project yourself onto the text (which leads to some cracked out and/or Mary Suish behavior) or coversely incorporate the text into your own mental landscape. It's true that reasoned analyses are the way they are regardless of whether they're about a thing's positives or negatives... I don't think I ever said otherwise, because... that would be silly :D
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