Date: 2010-09-13 01:52 am (UTC)
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Hey! So it's like, three years later and I'm raaaandomly reading my old posts and I was like, wow! You mentioned a YA novel to be done in 2+ years, so... how's that going? :D :D (In the off-chance you check/get lj comments....)

It's pretty hilarious you mentioned CC/mistful and now they're both published/well-liked YA authors, hahahahah oh man oh man life is funny. I will be really amused when they actually publish m/m stuff in this genre in the mainstream. Then again, then I'll be tempted to write it myself. I was actually thinking earlier today, why *not* sell out? I could have fun with it. The sad truth is that I can't write fics like that even if I wanted to (probably). Like, if I wrote an Alpha Bastard he'd probably be either too introspective or just too assholish (my eventual issue with writing Harry, it seems). I like still boy!angst, because, I mean, that is to say I like boys & I like their angst, haha, but. I think it's actually more interesting when it's more realistic. Also more funny & stupid, of course. I think the AB should be more stupid.

It's funny 'cause Maya's first book *did* try to do that-- write the AB in an intelligent/interrogatory style, and I'm not sure how well that succeeded, I guess. I really liked him... more than I was maybe supposed to... and was sort of 'bleh' about the typical cute/snarky side-character(s) who were more obviously Maya's pets. I think people who don't particularly love them should write them more. Anyway, hi. :D

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