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You know, I say I'm a canon!whore, but it's not true. I mean, more half the time I don't have the patience to read/watch everything in a given canon, especially if it's a sizeable length. The only canons I love enough to read/watch everything tend to be the sort I don't want extra fannish material on anyway, plus my memory isn't best suited for remembering details of plot anyway. So I'd make a sucky canon!whore who would get things wrong all the time, factually speaking. Haha, it's just that it's occurred to me that I prefer my fannish reading to be stuff written/drawn/made by people who do care and who do remember, to whom it matters, simply because I find that when you say 'to hell with canon', you produce crap. There's just no way around it. I don't even need to know canon to tell it's crap, because I can smell wish-fulfillment from 3 miles away blindfolded. :/ So when people support views that are self-admittedly & explicitly counter to canon, it's like they're saying, 'I don't care about quality, only self-gratification', which makes me :/ (even though, I mean... knock yourself out, whatever it takes, sure).

I was just reading a doujin for Heero/Duo in Gundam Wing, a fandom notorious for having 3/4ths of it spit on canon and then do a little jig. Of course, anything I say about it myself is questionable, because I haven't actually... watched the whole series, or even most of it (it's not my sort of thing, okay! though I'd watch it all if I were to write GW), but I know the facts/events and stuff and I've watched the post-series movie. Anyway, my point is that anything I've ever seen tends to be better if it at least references some situation from canon in a direct way. If it doesn't take place in some lala-land stock setting (like... some anonymous apartment, anonymous school, random safe-house... whatever), but rather is placed securely in the context of... something. Anything. If it at least makes an effort, generally this means the characters won't be entirely penises on legs and will actually be interesting to watch develop. I dunno.

I mean, I actually like AUs, but one reason I like them is because in order to be a purposeful AU, you have to reference canon (though more subtly), in order to still have the characters remain recognizable. So like, for Snape/Lily-- even if you write a story where different events occurred and she never got together with James, the issues that had been there before must remain and just find another outlet. That's the point of AUs, to me-- seeing the same inevitable conflicts find different resolutions. So basically it's impossible to have happy shiny Snape/Lily in any universe, no matter how much you ignore certain canon events, and have them remain recognizably Snape & Lily, y'know. Or at least, I want to read stories by authors who think like that, because I know they're a lot less likely to suck because they're a lot more likely to care about internal logic & consistency, both major parts of good writing.

Anyway. This sort of segues into my discomfort with people who're 'out of context' fans-- like, they like the hotness of the actors/characters/singers/whatever but they don't like the whole context of their actual personalities/lives/the events surrounding them-- it's like they separate the two rather than seeing them as one entity, a whole. Like, in bandom, it'd involve seeing the hotness as just one cool aspect of several, influenced by the music, the fashion, the public personas, the private glimpses-- everything as influencing and contextualizing everything else. That's just how I see the world.

It's like I don't mean those people are 'wrong' or I have issues; I just mean it makes me a little uncomfortable so I avoid them a bit. Like when people mostly squee about 'teh hot' or 'the bishounen factor' in yaoi, I feel kind of alienated even though the fan-service is intentionally there, just like it's intentionally there with bands and TV shows with hot actors, say. It's not that I don't squee, but I feel a bit weird 'cause it's the real personalities and people's actual relationships that make me happy, not people's looks; even slashy subtext only gets me so far if I suspect I may be projecting it, because the lack of authenticity harshes my squee, personally. Even though I enjoy pretty people a lot and I naturally slash pretty boys in my head. I guess I'm a freak. :P

You have to remember, though, that 'canon' isn't a rigid black&white thing, though; just because I like context doesn't mean I like the most boring and straightforward/traditional interpretation of what's 'really there' you can possibly come up with. That's not creative at all, man. The trick is using what's there & running with it. That's what makes fanfic great, to me. The possibilities, right.

I was actually thinking of the bandom wank, & people who're squarely on the limited 'they're just play-acting' side of the fence saying it's 'all fake', as if it can't have different layers, theoretically, where it's not quite real, not quite gay, not quite one thing or another, but rather a mess of impulses and motivations and interpretations, raw and confused and all the more real in some ways for being a performance in others. It's that fuzzy area I like-- the one between and around text, subtext & context, all muddled concentric or interlapping cirles-- but at the same time you should be certain of the facts and the balances and the clearer boundaries you're starting with before you wade into murkier waters.

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I think it really is a personal thing, not just like personal for me but in the sense of the way people/I connect to the music, and the fact that it's the whole reason these people are even in the spotlight. I feel such a strong connection to these people and the art they create that to me it's actually disrespectful when all people care about is that they're pretty, and that they're fine with actually disrespecting said art by being all "oh the music sucks but they're so gay omg squee let me write porn" - I think my reaction to that is probably similar to yours re: people who openly admit to disregarding canon, it's an equal mix of wondering a. if they're really that stupid to admit to that and b. what the fuck they're doing here. I think it's not quite analogous with regard to your Draco comparison though, because in order to get there you have to at least read the books, whereas in RPS people literally will just see some pictures and think they're qualified to write fic. And then I find them and burn down their houses. \o/

Plus if you don't like the music, then you're probably not going to go see shows, and if you have no desire to experience the actual canon when you can, I mean, seriously, just gtfo because I hate your face.


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