Date: 2007-08-01 05:50 am (UTC)
I loved the showmanship Voldy had, he's really a lot cooler than he was in canon but I don't mind 'cause he's all... posing at Dumbledore and licking his lips andaslkjfaslkjfalkj.

Oh man, yeah, Vernon drooling with the ice-cream half in and half out and Petunia in that little dress! I totally noticed the windows, too! I was staring at all the little details I could possibly have missed the last time; I'm afraid next time I'll be looking at the floor they're standing on a lot :)) I got little shivers when I saw them all produce Patronuses, it's just so magical! And I love just how happy Harry looks hugging Sirius, he's got the same smile, the exact same childish smile he had at 11 when he first saw Hagrid and found out he was a wizard. HARRY. <33333

It's going to be so sad to see one of the twins die after actually watching them mess around with Perce right beforehand :(( I thought Dumbledore seemed more human in this movie, like, exposing his actual reactions more than expected, and omg that moment when he's like 'um, too bad I'm leaving' <33 AND SNAPE SAYING HE HAD 'NO IDEA' WHAT PADFOOT MEANS <3<3 AHHH SNAPE. I kinda wanna become a Snape fan but I AM AFRAID, afraid. Fandom. Fear. D:

Also, heheh H/D-- well, H&G re H/G in this installment letters fluff ( makes me happy too <3.
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