Date: 2007-08-01 04:44 am (UTC)
<3<3<3 Now I want to see it too :( But I'll memorize it! I'll be one of those geeks who can quote lines!! Oh man. I wish I could see the 'highlights' version without those two long montages-- y'know, the DA montage and that other montage (whatever it was). It definitely is my favorite!! Oh man it's hilarious that now you're okay with Dumbledore <3. I thought he was good because he was -supposed- to withold emoting at Harry and be all badass at the hearing and he was! I thought even Dumbledore was angrier than usual in OoTP! heh. Like when he snapped at everyone to go back to class, I was like WHOA, NELLY! :O Oh man you've totally infected me, and I know no matter what movie 7 is like I'm going to be all :(( when Hedwig dies in her cage and Harry catches her but it's too late :(( Althought ahahah dude, JKR, Harry lost his innocence way before Hedwig, man, he lost it in OoTP. <3<3<3. Wah.

Hehehe you are really hardcore (canon details! from chats!!) Send me anytime & I hope I can get you your beta back before you return!! \o/ \o/ :D :D

My favorite scenes are probably Harry at the beginning with Dudders (oohhhh I look forward to movie 7 Harry+Dudley, I hope they keep that and omg badass!Dumbledore at the beginning of 6 with the Dursleys), and then Harry with Sirius and Crookshanks and how awkward Harry is when Hermione hugs him and how Ron is all shuffley and loyal and awkward like a kicked puppy (omg!!) and how Harry's all ;)) ;)) around Cho and Neville being all emo, and Draco's ridiculous scared face burnt into the wall, and that huge Weasley W with fireworks and how Filch has a mancrush on Umbridge and those KITTENS OKAY and Umbridge saying "I really... hate children!" and Harry remembering Ron and Hermione's faces after kissing Cho rather than kissing Cho when Voldy invades him, and how Siirus calls out 'James' and how how Snape loses it at the last Occlumency lesson and how cute pensieve!James is (JAMES!!!!) and the look of Grimmauld place and that aquarium and them flying on those brooms in formation across the Thames with the ships and everything and. Ahhh <3<3 See, I HAVE memorized it. *facepalm*
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