Date: 2007-07-31 10:58 pm (UTC)
Well, there really wasn't any fallout, I guess. It's more like Harry incorporated it and we only see the result in him naming his son and saying Snape was the bravest man ever 19 years later (after taunting Voldy with it). That's more structure + Harry than Snape, I guess? Relates to what I was saying about interpersonal arcs rather than a character's inner logic.

Besides, clearly I wasn't talking about you but about Snapefans :> I don't think there was really ever evidence he 'became a better/more moral person' in the prior books, simply because he was already an awful person, so he'd have to have been evil before (and that seems over the top). Though I still think his deep reluctance to kill Dumbledore and him saying he didn't let people die if 'he could help it' was significant.

My feeling about Snape was always that he's one of the most stubborn, single-minded characters, ever since book 1 and he hated Harry because of James. He's not the only one, though-- Sirius is the same. Snape... I dunno if he was 'redeemed' in anything but Harry's eyes and Dumbledore's-- I mean, how do I put this, I think his actions were brave and even admirable on a personal level but not... moral? So was he redeemed? That's where the anti-hero part comes in, I guess. He's pretty classic in that regard (in fact, this is all painfully S5/S6 Spike/Buffy... well, except Spike is cooler than Snape).

If anything, in both cases, love and grief catalyze them, but don't 'redeem'; they simply motivate in the same way that love & loyalty motivated Sirius and Lily and even Ron. In Snape, as in Lily, that quality was especially pure and in some ways selflessly devoted.

At the same time, I don't think love itself redeems you no matter who 'you' are; it's more like it allows you to be your better self once you choose to follow it where it leads. And that's what Snape did; in retrospect, I wouldn't have found some grand meta realization about himself Dumbledore-style to be believable. He did have severe regrets about himself, though, and messing up with Lily, but doesn't everyone have those?

And of course I'll miss you :(( Omg I've having cold feet :(( What if I'm no longer enough of an HP fan to enjoy all the craziness without even any friends there :/ Ahhh. (So says the person who wrote a novel of notes, I know.)

And also I've been procrastinating on writing my fics :( Why am I such a bad fan :( I'll try to keep writing while there :))sklajfsaklj I'll have a report by Monday! Though you'll be gone by then, right? *wibble*
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