Date: 2007-07-29 11:43 pm (UTC)
The thing about Harry especially is that until DH, he just had a difficulty understanding people's motivations in general if they differed from his own, point blank; it's not necessarily bravery itself so much as a certain moral straightforwardness that he had, where A follows B in a blatant fashion and skulking about = bad (though following people for True Justice = good, I guess). In DH that changes, though the fact is Harry's still focused on bravery, but at least he empathizes with certain other parts of Snape (and Voldemort! haha); it's just that basically Harry & Draco's motivations/lives in general are very different so he'd need to know Draco on a personal level for awhile before he had that leap of seeing his perspective. And that was never gonna happen in the books. Draco probably's not dying for some alone time with Potter either :>

There was no room for more of him, I feel like, unless Harry had kidnapped him. Which. I mean, that would be cool, actually. If I wasn't lazy, I'd write that :> Oh he'd figure out about the Elder Wand earlier, and be like MUST GET MALFOY, MUST DUEL FOR WAND!! :D Similarly with Snape... I knew it was hopeless once we learned he was Headmaster. I also think that if there was more Snape, that'd hurt the plot in the sense that it'd force a confrontation between them & Harry may do something he'd regret or force Snape to blow his cover in some way. Things were coming very close to unravelling on that front.

...Man. I wish the book didn't make sense to me 'as is' so I can feel I'm an intelligent person and not a rabid JKR fangirl who clearly can't think past her biases. :(
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