Date: 2007-07-29 03:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah yeah yeah, that's exactly it, supposedly all British-y and seventies and like - I can't do that. But you're right, it's a total fanon thing, just one everyone's mostly grasped onto, unlike leather pants Draco, etc. Also, you're right about Ron. If he doesn't sound like Ron, what's the point really!

Believably blokey as their userinfos, dkjfs I KNOW. But I mean, who could ever be as good as NA, and it was still joyful to follow? I dunno. I'm excited :)

SLDKFJS OOTP. YES. AND THE WAY SNAPE TALKS ABOUT HARRY'S FATHER, AND IS LIKE, "You and Black, you're two of a kind, always whining about how unfair your lives are," and I'm like <333 SNAPE, because Harry doesn't know yet but! But! And shit, I am the furthest thing from a Snape fan, too. I never even used to read fics with Snape in them. I know, and he totally glowed around Sirius, and I hope David Yates can work some of that magic with Michael Gambon and Dan because I need a good Dumbledore in HBP and so far Michael Gambon has not been that. KDJS Sirius's winks! And when Sirius was like, "When this is all over, we'll be a proper family" and they HUG SO TIGHTLY and the way Harry in PoA wants to get a house in the country kdfj. Draco is in a lot of scenes, just sort of watching, which when you think about it is pretty true. Hahaha, I liked that odd post-kiss laughing scene better this time around. I love that scene with Voldemort in Harry. DanRad is really creepy, for real! He's all arching off the floor and he looks like he's wearing eyeliner :)) And Harry feels sorry for Riddle. kdjfs oh man, and I really love Cho, and I love movie!Cho, and I love the way she says Harry's name, oh man.

The funny thing is, Bonnie Wright or whatever her name is still looks too young and kind of mousy to be the Ginny I imagine HBP and DH Ginny is. I wonder if they will make her more blazing. And funny, etc. Now she just is sort of there, making faces when Cho is mentioned and occasionally wowing everybody with her Very Powerful Magical Abilities.
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