Date: 2007-07-29 08:42 am (UTC)
Y'know, half the reason I've convinced myself I can't write MWPP is because of the tone of the characters, like-- the way they talk, all British...y and slangy and witty but in a totally different way than Snape or Draco, and that's difficult for me. The funny part about that is that it's fanon-- it's not like we've got bits in canon where Sirius & James have that slangy funky groove thang. You can't write it and be emo or angsty/introspective believably... unless you're [ profile] librae. Or Prufrock. Or a lot of others. But not me :( Anyway, it's like writing Ron. You just can't mess around. He has to sound like Ron or ELSE, y'know? :>

I feel like I might (MIGHT!) be able to write teenage!Snape->Lily. God. It's just so great :( Especially write the depantsing & the fight from his pov and maybe their next meeting, and like, more about what messed up things were going on in his head and his repressed homosexual impulses towards James. OMG J/L/S AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhh. I am a little too excited ^^;

It does look promising! But I never follow games D: Except look at them for really brief periods and then forget all about them except for my angst about how I can never sound as believably blokey as their userinfos :>
And I did, I saw the movie again by myself <3. I cried even more than before, and I definitely noticed how it slid right into DH-mode and just how connected they are, much more than OoTP & HBP, I feel (in mood) or HBP & DH. I kept thinking OMG REMUS IS DEAD and FRED!! and OMG SNAAAAPE SHOWING HIM THAT MEMORY AGAINST HIS WILL and OMG HE WANTS DUMBLEDORE TO LOOK AT HIM and. God. That scene with Tom in him. God. He seriously just glowed around Sirius and the way Sirius just kept winking at him and the way Harry ate up his every word when Sirius promised they'd be a proper family and how the world isn't made up of good people & Death Eaters and how he's mean to Kreacher and KREACHER. Glowed. And OMG HARRY & RON RON RON RONNNNnn and plucky!Neville. I love Voldemort telling Harry he'll lose everything, and Harry WILL at one point. And when you look for it, Draco's in surprisingly many scenes, just no spoken lines. And. AH. And that scene where the three of them are laughing after he kisses Cho (I literally can't look from embarrassment) and Harry has that amazed/bemused expression.lakfjlkajsfljkl HARRY. Sometimes it just kills me that I'm like, sick with love for him and he's not real >___>
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