Date: 2007-07-29 08:15 am (UTC)
See, see, I don't think AUs are cheating if you can successfully excise the later canon from your head-- like, I'd love to do more post-OoTP AUs but it's hard to get to that mental space I was in post-OoTP, even though HBP didn't do much for me creatively, and yet something just got... stuck in my head. And I don't think it's got to be the same as ignoring-- it's all about using all the canon you can that applies to a given set-up/scenario, y'know? There's a difference between the invisible so-called elephant in the room and just taking a different path-- and with epilogue, it's just so far-removed and so not really connected to canon characterization-wise or events-wise, that it's not like we'd be cutting off an arc in the middle.

That's what makes it totally plausible for me. The arc is DONE. The epilogue is floating somewhere in space-- I mean, it has v. little to no direct relevance to the characters as we last left them (which is most people's problem, right?) but this is why it's so easy to ignore it; it's no wonder it has little relevance, since how much relevance does your life have to its incarnation 19 years ago, y'know? heh.

It's like, you're not ignoring any aspect of characterization by avoiding the epilogue because it brought no new characterizations! The only thing it did was give a disconnected vision of their kids. It's not even their story, almost. I don't think it's cheating, for instance, to write about Hermione and not mention her SPEW crusade if you're just writing a Ron/Hermione first-kiss fic (pre-DH, anyway), and this is even further removed. You don't have to work with ALL of canon ALL the time :> That's the glory of writing about moments and messing about with non-gen fanfic especially! Like... writing H/Hr even knowing JKR didn't intend it. It's the same. :>
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