Jun. 15th, 2007

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Haha, wish me luck!!

In my quest to write some kiddie porn for the masses, I decided I needed to reread book 1!

Good news so far (a few paragraphs in): I find it adorable!! :D

When I first saw it around '01 or so, I really hated the beginning so much I couldn't keep reading. I thought it was overly didactic, transparent, and painfully simplistic to the point that it was like nails on a blackboard. Now I realize what I took for heavy-handedness was actually dry English humor! :D! Hahaha! I'm like wait, wait... these are typical English class jokes, aren't they? D'oh!! :D

Also, news at 11: Harry is ADORABLE! :D I can't believe anyone EVER thought he was a nice sweet boy (pre-OoTP). I mean, I remembered that he wasn't, but it's just getting it fresh is still nice :D Totally sarcastic and rebellious and ever so certain of himself :D Actually, not that unusual for a boy his age, but he's still adorable. <3. Rereading the book is making it difficult to imagine porn happening, 'cause everyone 'snaps' or 'speaks crisply' or whatever, and there are Bertie Bott's Everyflavor beans and twinkly-eyed!Dumbly and.... I dunno. Snape is so ev01. <3.

Basically, yeah, I'm not sure if this'll really lead to chan!porn; what I realized was a serious issue is actually more the logistics-- I mean... it's extremely unlikely and unusual for kids to really do anything sexual with each other, forget hardcore (given I'm not writing molestation... which is really above & beyond the call of fannish love). Exploration... except can you really see Ron & Hermione 'exploring' when they're both all cats & dogs around each other, and Harry was totally flustered and "..." at even a kiss in fifth year? My favorite scenario of the ones given was definitely the Trio!smut in first year, but it's... I mean... flying pigs are more likely. Harry/Draco is more likely by far. Harry/Filch is probably easier to write with any believability (and I... am biologically incapable of transcending the need to believe in what I write on the psychological level... which is why I so respect f's abilities in that regard, but that's neither here nor there). o_0 I suppose crack is the only option :>

But anyway.

I saw a book predicting book 7 events put out by mugglenet(!) in the grocery store(!!) today :D It was only of moderate interest, except for the chapter on Draco's fate, which was absolutely infuriating and upsetting. And I'm not the Draco fangirl some of my friends are (although, that's a really high standard), but honestly. Dismissing him as 'cruel-hearted' and 'weak' and vain, etc at this late date-- what the hell. Saying he joined the DEs as if it's fact, and also that he joined the DEs because he truly Believed in the Cause, as per his father's teachings (as if it was fact). And then going on to say that of course he wouldn't join the Order (well, he was pretty hard-put to give the idea of protection much of a chance on the Tower, but that was before his back was 100% to the wall), so therefore his only option is to go on the run (since he's not 'good enough' or brave enough to be a spy), and of course anyone who'd gone on the run from the DEs before has died, so naturally Draco's a dead man. WTF??! I hate people. :/

Also the part where they said it's better for everyone if he dies because then Lucius and Narcissa become useless to Voldy(??!) because they'll be slain by grief and therefore Voldy will become an easier target(!???!). Of course, what can I expect from a book that seriously describes Harry as 'full of love'. I guess they mean his mother's love. As in, his mother's love is what will-- yet again-- defeat Voldy, because that's what Harry's full of.

Seriously, what a let down, if that does happen. Jeez. Anticlimactic much? Yeah, Harry wins because of his MOM. Again. Great. *eyeroll*


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