Mar. 20th, 2007

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Man... I'm sort of lost, seriously lost in reading the Kelley Armstrong's 'Women of the Otherworld' series right now, but if anything could remind me of the absolute glory that is fanfic and fanfic alone, it's [ profile] eliade's super-duper-comprehensive list o'kinks. WOW. Even the (...few) ones I don't think I could ever enjoy make me happy somehow, but what makes me happy even more is sort of wallowing in the self-indulgence of it all. I mean, there is no way in hell any commercial novel or even yaoi manga will ever feel this self-indulgent to me.

I don't mean the sexual kink part of it is what makes me happy... it's emotional/sexual/characterization/plot-kink all wrapped together and tied with a little bow the way only good old-school non-PWP fanfic does it. Man. I sort of want to go through all of those and combine some, mess with some, but write every single one. Crazy, and it'd take forever, but man oh man. *___* Oh fanfic, you've been so good to me. ♥ On some level, I really do love & appreciate all those kinks, at least in theory. Man, even the 'woke up gay' one. I am feeling the fandom loffff, okay. This sort of thing makes me proud, somehow. *laughs*

I was just thinking that of course I have a kink for bad boys & rogues, say, but I also have a kink for good guys done right! I would even go so far as to say you couldn't have interesting 'bad' boys or trickster types without interesting 'good' boys & vice versa. I think after all these years of reading romance fic, basically I don't have any cliche left unexplored in terms of reading and probably appreciating. Though seriously, I haven't read about kidnapped concubines in way too long... or swords... or people trapped in caves(!!!)... or tentacle sex (*SOBS*)... and man, it's really been awhile since I've seen some good wingfic... dammit!! :D

One of my major beefs with H/D fics has always probably sekritly been that they don't really fulfill my kinks because they tend to be pretty repetitive in terms of what cliches they employ, when there are simply so many to choose from, heh. And also, of course, execution suffers-- like, you -could- make any cliche or kink work, but you also need to pick one that fits the characters if you don't want to work too hard. But yeah, I'm totally okay with reading for kink as long as there's this variety of kink out there coupled with good writing. Man. That's the definition of addictive, right there. *__*


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