Jan. 26th, 2007

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I just found out about quirkyalone.net, and according to this essay, maaaan, I'm definitely a quirkyalone :D Yee!
    But more to the point, in about 3 weeks, it'll be Valentine's Day-- oorrrr, also International Quirkyalone Day!! :D

And you know what would be cool? If just as there are all these fandom comms & fests to write coupley/fluffy stuff for Valentine's Day, it would be awesome if a few of us also wrote about our favorite characters having fun, alone or with their friends-- or both!-- for Valentine's International Quirkyalone Day :D :D

...or maybe that's just me. But I'll try to, anyway >:D If people express interest, maaaaybe we can whip up a website/comm/something or other, hee :> This would totally be cross-fandom (or is that panfandom?)-- meaning, not just HP! Whatever fandom you're in or wanna be in, you'd just write in that for the IQD (or February 14th) :D No limits or constrictions on length/subject/etc besides the main character(s) being happily single! :D

I mean, I know I'm a romantic, but it suddenly struck me as hypocritical to be like, -I'm- okay by myself, but my favorite character needs to have a boyfriend! The One True Boyfriend, no less. Well, to hell with THAT! :D :D

(...aaaand I just realized why I get a bit freaked out at people semi-randomly & rather obsessively pairing up Luna! If there's one character who's the posterchild for being quirkyalone, it's Luna, man.)

Quirkyalone: because True Love is all right and everything, but we also have other things to do :P

EDIT - Apparently there's a new vampire book out called You Suck: A Love Story *____* MAN. That NEEDS to be a Harry/Draco fic T______T I mean, seriously, IS THAT NOT THE MOST PERFECT H/D TITLE EVAR??!? BACK ME UP HERE!! T____T (It's sort of the way 'The Love Song of Bastard and Idiot' is the best Sirius/Snape title ever. Nothing can beat it.) It sort of addresses my most current (and yet perennial) issue with the latest crop of H/D I've seen: maaaan, people seem to have totally forgotten that Draco is supposed to be an asshole. To Harry, an annoying asshole (and vice versa). I miss the assholish...ness. Woe. :( :( Why must he be sensible and mature *cries*


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